Zen Cart SEO | Building Backlinks

If you want your web site to rank well in the search engines you need to implement a link building campaign. The number and quality of links pointing to your web site (backlinks) will increase rankings and boost your web traffic.

Internal Linking

Make sure the main sections of your online store are linked from the home page because when submitting your site to directories you only submit the home page URL not all the internal URLS. Search engines will crawl the pages that are linked from your home page.

1. Create a Site Map

A Site Map page includes links to all your internal pages. Some internal links may be several directories away from the home page. Search engines may not crawl these pages. A Site Map linked to the home page will enable search engines to crawl all your pages. Fortunately the Zen Cart Store generates a site map page automatically. You can edit your site map page by logging in to your admin panel-tools-define pages editor and select define_site_map.php from the drop down box.

2. Link to other pages within your content

If one of your internal pages mentions “stainless steel sinks” in its content, link that phrase (anchor text) to the main stainless steel sinks page. This will help boost its rankings because you have a link pointing to it that contains the anchor text “stainless steel sinks”

3. Practice deep linking

External links pointing to your internal pages are known as deep links. The more deep links you get the more traffic you will attract to these internal pages. When obtaining deep links make sure the anchor text is related to the content of the internal page. For instance use “stainless steel sinks” as the link text when linking to the stainless steel sinks page.

Building backlinks through internal links will fortify the theme of your web site, increase page rank, rankings and attract more visitors.

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