WordPress Default Template – Display All Sidebars by Modifying Default Kubrick Theme

I recently installed the WordPress Default Kubrick Theme (1.6) and discovered it only displays the sidebar on the home page. This means visitors who land on any other page besides the home page will not see the links in the sidebar. They also can’t return to the home page (unless they click on the title in the header which most folks are not aware of).

Modifying the default (Kubrick 1.5) theme to provide a sidebar at all times:

After a little searching on the WordPress Forums I discovered a modified theme that suits my purpose.

Download this file:


To use, unzip to the directory/folder “default_allsidebar”, upload this to your wp-content/themes/ directory on your blog’s site, and select “WP Default – AllSidebar Edition” under Presentation in WordPress.

Display links and login info in your sidebar at all times:

Here is a modified version:


To use extract sidebar.php from the zip and replace your current one (either in default or default_allsidebar) with it.

Create a link to the Home Page from other pages

Login to the admin panel
Add category called MAIN PAGE
Click Add Category

Click Add Link
Add Name and URL of Home Page
Click box on far right named MAIN PAGE
Click Add Link

Example of WordPress Default Kubrick Theme Showing All Side Bars

By making these modifications to the WordPress Default Kubrick Theme you can now display the home page sidebar (with links) on other pages, plus create a link that takes the visitor back to the main page (home page).

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