Subscribers Magnet Review: A WordPress Plugin To Double Email Subscribers Without Getting Any Additional Traffic

Subscribers Magnet

Are people visiting your blog but not subscribing to your list?
Want to easily double or triple your email subscribers rate?
Want to track the performance of your blog’s optin forms?

One of the biggest mistakes I made with my blog was not focusing on building a list because it helps build long term relationships with your subscribers. Once you’ve built these relationships you can recommend products and services to them.

I corrected this mistake by adding an opt-in form in the sidebar asking people to subscribe to my newsletter. The result..I only got a few new subscribers so I created an incentive by offering a free e-course titled “21 highly effective ways to generate free traffic to your website.” This helped increase my subscriber rate but I was still not happy with it so I added a newsletter opt-in form to the bottom of each post. The funny thing was more people subscribed at this location than the optin form in the sidebar.

Still not happy with my optin rate I decided to install the Subscriber’s Magnet Plugin for WordPress which uses the Multiple Hit Strategy to increase subscriber rates.

It’s tagline states…

” Learn How To Not Only Double, But Triple And Even Quadruple The Number Of Email Subscribers To Your WordPress Blog”…Without Getting Any Additional Traffic.

Who wouldn’t want to double or triple the number of subscribers so I bought the plugin because they “guarantee to double your blog subscription rate in 60 days or less or you get all your money back.”

Here’s what I liked the most about the Subscriber’s Magnet Plugin
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