How To Create A Stunning Ebook Or Lead Magnet Online In 30 seconds Without Writing A Single Word

Do you want to extend the reach of your audience?
Do you want to create a beautiful ebook, report or lead magnet from your existing content?

Designrr is a software tool that allows you to create beautiful ebooks or reports from your blog posts, web pages without the need to write any content. It removes the headers sidebars, footers, social icons, adverts and navigation so you end up with pure, clean content in your ebook.

You can use use these ebooks to:
– Drive traffic from slideshare and other pdf sites
– Increase leads by creating a lead magnet
– Re-purpose your content
– Sell your ebooks and monetize your content

Watch the demo video below to see how Designrr works..

Here’s exactly what you get:

  • Lifetime access to the Designrr software platform
  • Access to unlimited copyright free images from unsplash (no need to buy stock images)
  • Includes 720 Google fonts, so you can implement any style you want
  • 21 customizable themes to save time creating your book
  • 12 Project Templates so you can get started immediately
  • Create unlimited lead magnets, pdfs and ebooks
  • Content Marketing For Dummies (Digital Edition)
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Here are 4 ways to use Designrr to promote your business:

  1. YouTube Videos – extend the reach of your audience by converting a transcript of your video content into a PDF file as a free report. You can then upload the PDF file to document sharing sites on the web.
  2. Blog Posts – get new subscribers and sales by bundling several blog posts together into a beautiful ebook which you can use as a lead magnet to capture new leads.
  3. Bonuses -surprise customers by giving away an ebook as an unadvertised bonus when somebody buys a product from you.
  4. Autoresponders – promote your ebook or report in follow-up emails.

Case Study
Here are 2 blog posts I converted to PDF files and uploaded to Slideshare
which resulted in generating more traffic.

The Free Web Hosting Guide below currently has received 3504 views.
22 ways to promote your blog post” has currently received 1581 views.

blog posts

I highly recommend Designrr to quickly and easily create beautiful ebooks, reports or lead magnets from your blog posts or web pages without the need to write any content.

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