How to Create An Ebook – Follow Your Passion

If you want to have a wildly successful ebook you need to be passionate about it. There will be many distractions during the creation process so keeping to a plan will help you stay on course. You may not want to stop with one ebook but create a series of them or develop other info products that relate to your first ebook.

1. Do a brain dump

Write down all the ideas you are passionate about. When you begin this process you will be amazed what pours out of your brain. Keep adding to the list until you have exhausted all your ideas. The reason for creating an exhaustive list is that not all your ideas may be profitable. This is fine if you are not intending to make money from your ebook but if you plan on selling it for profit it needs to be marketable. You may have a good idea but it may not be what people want or desire.

2. Prioritize your list

Move the ideas that you are most passionate about to the top of the list in descending order (No 1 should be the topic you have the most passion for).

3. Keyword research

A. Use the free wordtracker tool to see how many people searched for your No 1 idea. To do this you need to find keywords related to your idea. Use the GoogleAdWords Keyword Tool to find related keywords.

Here’s a list of related keyword phrases that appeared for “web site design”

web site design and hosting
corporate web site design
design a web site
website design software
free website design
real estate web site design
best website design
how to design a website
design your own website
website design templates
website design company
flash website design
ecommerce web site design
custom website design
real estate website design
website design awards
professional website design

You will notice that web design and website design are both used. Be aware of different spellings for the same keyword.

B. Feed each of these keyword phrases into WordTracker to see which one returns the most searches. A high number indicates that particular keyword phrase is very popular, therefore it may be a very competitive. it won’t be much of a factor if you are passionate about your subject.

Do similar research for your top 10 ideas then choose one. You can always develop the others later in future projects (save your research). Don’t analyze your ideas too much as you may get overwhelmed. To create an ebook you mostly need to take massive action. You aren’t going to get it perfect the first time but will improve as you get more experience.


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