Google Maps – How to Optimize Your Listing

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Web site owners spend big money to achieve top rankings in the search engines so customers will find them easily to purchase their products or services. A web site that appears after the first page on Google won’t get any traffic unless they employ other methods of marketing.

Google maps changes all this. Now local businesses can attain first page listings without paying anything. When a customer enters a keyword to find a local business Google will automatically display businesses that are closest to you. Local results are displayed above the regular listings.

If a customer enters “web site design bowie maryland” they will see your company information listed at the top of the search results.

How to get listed in Google Maps

Open an account at Google’s local business center then submit your web site and company information. You can create multiple listings if you have more than one local business.

How to optimize your listing on Google Maps

1. Choose the correct category

Enter the category that best describes your business ie web design, dentist, photographer, etc.

2. Create a captivating description

This is what customers will read about your business. Describe it in such a way that will want to check it out. Include keywords customers would enter to find your business.

3. Make your listing stand out

Here are the things you can include in your listing:

  • Description
  • Payment
  • Email
  • Business Hours
  • Categories
  • Photos
  • Reviews

Enter as much information as possible so it will stand out from your competitors (their business will be listed with yours).

4. Location

If your business location is in the center of the town, it is more likely that it will appear at the top of the list.

5. Get listed in other local directories

Google Maps gathers it’s results from other online directories and databases therefore submit your web site to online yellow pages and yahoo local. Find other local directories by entering keyword+location in the search box.

6. Optimize your web pages

Include the city and state names on the home page of your web site. Place them in the meta tags and web copy. This makes it easier for customers to find your business because you’ll a top listing in the search engines.

7. Encourage customers to write reviews

You can improve the your listing by getting customers to write positive reviews about your business. The more stars you acquire the higher your position becomes.

If you follow the 7 steps outlined above your web site will achieve a good listing in Google Maps and you’ll start attracting visitors from the search engines.

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Google Maps – Attract More Visitors With Local Search

These days people prefer to search for your business online rather than spending time wading through hundreds of yellow page ads. One of the easiest and fastest ways to get your web site listed locally in Google is to create a Google Maps account. This allows people to quickly find services available in their local area.

Google Maps listings now appear above all other listings for organic search results so its imperative to get a listed there if you want to get local traffic to your web site.

Here are the steps for how to set up an account:

1. Sign up for a Google Maps account

Fill in these areas:

Basic information – this refers to the contact information of your business. If you don’t have a current address or don’t want to use your home address, get a P.O. Box address from your local UPS store.

Categories – insert the category of your business and/or create a new one

Hours of Operations – specify the hours you are open. You can also leave this blank.

Payment Options – indicating the type of credit cards you accept allows customers to quickly see what kid of payments you accept.

Photos – this option allows you to browse to a photo of your business on your computer and upload it to your local listing. You are allowed up to 10 photos.

Videos – create a video about your business and upload it to You Tube. You can enter up to 5 URLS of your You Tube videos.

Additional details – you may want to include extra information about your business ie if parking available, or what brands you carry.

2. Submit your listing

After clicking the submit button you will need to verify your listing by providing your telephone number of address. When entering your telephone number you’ll immediately receive an automatic phone call from Google. Enter the pin number provided to you and you will be confirmed right away.

3. Check your listing

Your listing will appear within 24 hours. Check your listing by doing a search on the title of your business.

Getting listed locally with Google Maps is far easier than getting good rankings on a national or world wide scale so take action and sign up for an account right away.

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