Article Marketing – Use High Traffic Web Sites to Drive Visitors to Your Articles

You write articles to get traffic to your web site..correct?

One of the most difficult problems in the whole article marketing process is getting enough visitors to read your article. Another problem is getting the them to follow the call to action in your resource box.

If you get lots of people to read your articles, the chances are they will read it, click the link in your resource box and buy your product. It’s a numbers game…the more traffic you acquire the higher your chances of people reading your article.

Let’s first discuss how to drive traffic to your articles

How to find a high traffic web site

A high traffic web site is one that gets 1000 visitors a day. If your main site fits this description, place your article there. It will probably get indexed and show up in the search engines within a day or two.

Alternatively find a high traffic web site that fits your article content.

How can you find a high traffic web site?

* Visit Alexa dot com and enter your keyword in the search box. The sites that get over 30,000 visitors a month are authority sites. These are ones that have been around a while and receive lots of traffic.

*Backlink count. Select any of the sites you have chosen in Alexa and do a backlink check. Backlinks are the web sites that link to your web site. If you have a large number of incoming links, you will receive good rankings and get lots of traffic.

Find the backlink count of a web site by entering in the Yahoo search box. From the drop-down box, select “except from this domain”. This will eliminate the links within your own domain and just deliver the incoming links from other sites.

*Contact the owners of these sites and ask them if they would like to publish your article on their web site. Make sure your article relates to their content. Tell them they will have exclusive rights to publish the article for 2 weeks. This means you will not publish it anywhere else. Only after the article had been on their web site for 2 weeks will you be able to publish it elsewhere.

*If the publisher wants exclusive rights forever, you can always rewrite the article then distribute it to other publishers.


Once you’ve had success with one web site, find others that will accept your content. Create a list of article publishers that you can contact for future articles.

High traffic web sites provide one of the fastest and most powerful ways to drive a ton of visitors to your articles.

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