How to Get More Referrals Through Article Marketing

In my last article I discussed the top 7 ways how to get referrals fast. Perhaps your current system for generating referrals is not working well enough to pay the bills. Many times small business owners get busy with new clients then cut down or forget to promote their products or services. Suddenly they have no work after completing the project they’ve been working on leading to anxiety and frustration. Solo entrepreneurs and business owners can’t afford a marketing team so they have to promote their business themselves. One of the ways to get more referrals is to evaluate what is already working then ramp it up.


Article marketing has become one of the top ways to get new referrals for my web design business. When I stop writing and publishing articles the amount of business I receive declines. In order to get more referrals I simply ramp up my article marketing efforts.

What is article marketing?

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