Article Writing – How to Write an Article Without Getting Distracted

Have you sat down to write an article only to get so distracted you still don’t have it done by the end of the day?

It leaves you frustrated because article marketing is the life blood of your online business. It attracts visitors, builds backlinks and boosts your web site rankings in the search engines.

Top 7 tips for eliminating article writing distractions

1. Clear your mind

It’s hard to start writing when your mind is cluttered up with thoughts going in all different directions. Close your eyes and visualize a beautiful, peaceful place in your mind. It could be a calm sea, a beautiful garden whatever calms your mind. With a clear mind thoughts will flow a lot easier.

2. Choose the most creative time of the day

This is different for each person. The morning is the most creative time for me before I delve into all the tasks for the day. If I leave my article writing for later saying “I’ll do it after I get all these tasks done”, it never gets done. If you haven’t discovered your optimal time to write try writing at different times of the day or night to see what time is the most productive.

3. Clear your desk

Have you heard the phrase “out of sight out of mind?” A cluttered desk makes it difficult to concentrate because it grabs your attention. It you clear your desk of clutter it will help you to focus your mind on the task at hand.

4. Turn off alerts

This means turning off your cell phone, email notifications or any other device that makes a noise and grab your attention. When you answer a client’s call or instantly respond to an email it interrupts the flow of your thoughts and may take 10-15 minutes to refocus your thoughts again.

5. Write from an different location

If you find it difficult to write from your home office, try another room in the house, sit outside or go to an internet cafe. When I go to an internet cafe it enables me to focus on one thing only…writing the article.

6. Handwrite your article

I wrote a whole article on a piece of paper while waiting in the doctor’s office. There’s something about writing your on a piece of paper that helps you to easily create an article. Try it…you may be pleasantly surprised.

7. Use a timer

Setting a time limit to write your article helps focus your thoughts and attention. You’ll be surprised how much writing can be accomplished in 30 minutes or 1 hour. I simply write the start time on a piece of paper then start writing. Starting is the hardest part but once you get going time goes by very fast. Another idea is to use an online stop watch such as

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