Benefits of Backlinks and Their Importance

How do backlinks affect search engine rankings?
Are all backlinks created equal?
How does link building affect traffic generation?

Just building a website and hosting it on the net doesn’t guarantee you’ll get any traffic. In fact you won’t generate any traffic if you don’t market it. Besides optimizing your web pages (called on page optimization) one of the most important factors for gaining high rankings is how many links point to your website from other web properties. Links can be compared to votes. The more votes (or links) your site receives the more popular it becomes with a resulting increase in rankings.

Are all backlinks created equal?

The short answer is no. High quality links carry more weight than low quality ones. For instance a link from CNN would carry more weight than a site that has just come online because CNN has 1000s of links already pointing to it and is constantly adding new content. Getting high quality backlinks may take more time to acquire however they will boost your rankings faster and higher than low quality links.

Top 7 benefits of backlinks and their importance

1. Increase search engine rankings

When you first build a site it starts off with zero backlinks and won’t be found in the search engines. If you consistently build backlinks to it over several months your website will not only be indexed by the search engines but it’s rankings will increase. If you want to outrank competitors sites get more links than them.

2. Traffic generation

If you get a link from a website or blog that receives thousands of visitors a day some of those will be redirected to your website. If your site ranks on the first page of Google it will receive much more traffic than if it’s on the second or third page as most people don’t search further than the first page for information.

3. Generate sales and/or subscribers

More traffic increases the potential for generating sales. This is why you need to start a link building campaign for your website. As the quality and quantity of your links increase so will your sales and subscriptions. Keep in mind you still need to convert visitors into customers. Gaining more traffic won’t guarantee sales if you have weak web copy.

4. Become recognized as an authority in your niche

As you attract more backlinks the popularity of your site will increase. Instead of looking for backlinks webmasters will naturally want to link to your website because you’ve established yourself as an authority in your niche. For example if your site is about worm farming it could become the “go to” site for anything related to that subject.

5. Increase Alexa ranking

Alexa is a search engine that shows where your site ranks out of all the sites in the USA and the world. It also provides traffic statistics. If you rank within the top 100,000 websites on the net you’ll have reached a great milestone. Webmasters will often check your Alexa ranking before they link to you.

6. Sell advertising

When your website attains high rankings and receives lots of traffic you begin receiving lots of offers from other website owners. One of these is to advertise on your site. This could be in the form of a a banner or a link. The banner could promote a product while a link would help redirect some of your visitors to their website plus improve their rankings (because they receive a high quality link). If you do accept advertising offers only accept ones related to your niche.

7. Joint ventures

These are website owners who want you to help promote their product. They’ll often offer you a commission in exchange for promoting their product on your website. Avoid doing joint ventures with unrelated products and make sure you both agree on the terms before you begin a promotion.

The key to building a highly effective link building campaign is to build the number and quality of links constantly and consistently. Your rankings will increase over time as Google and the other search engines index new links.

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