Video Sharing Websites – Pros & Cons

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Cons of Video Sharing Websites

1. Reduced quality

Although you receive free bandwidth from video sharing websites, the quality gets reduced due to compacting the file. What started off being a great looking video may appear fuzzy when uploaded to a free site.

2. Free sites can disappear anytime

There is always the possibility that anyone of these free video sites will disappear anytime. This means your video will be lost forever unless you saved a copy.

3. Lack of flexibility

Once your video clip has been uploaded you’re unable to edit it unless you have the original file.

4. Lots of competing videos

Your video will be competing with videos uploaded by other people. Even if your video gets a top listing initially it’s difficult to remain there because competing videos will knock you off that position. Visitors will get directed to your competitor’s video.

5. Exposure to the public

Many individuals mistakenly believe that their videos will only be seen by members, but that isn’t true. Any internet user, even those without an account, can view your videos on YouTube etc. In fact, it is not uncommon for video viewers to email a YouTube video link to those they know. Therefore, the views that your videos receive may be more than you ever expected or wanted.

6. Attract spam

Because your videos are exposed to public consumption, they may attract spammers that leave spammy comments or harvest the email address on your web site.

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