Article Writing Tip – Write Articles to Rank Right

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If you want to get lots of free traffic from writing articles they need to get high rankings in the search engines. A first page listing means your content will be viewed many more times than if your article appeared on the second page or beyond.

Most writers will simply put an article together without including the necessary elements for it to get good rankings. Web designers do the same…they know how to create a beautiful design but don’t know how to build a web site that’s search engine friendly. Your article or web site should be designed to attract free search engine traffic. To do this it needs to rank right.

7 ways to write an article to rank right

1. Keyword research

Before writing your article on the topic you’ve chosen, create a list of related keywords using the Google Keyword Research Tool. Look for long tail keywords. They will have less searches however it’s easier to get good rankings for them.

2. Title

Use your main keyword at the beginning of your title. Search engines place more weight on titles that start with the keyword.


Article Writing – Write Articles to Rank Right

3. Main content

Weave your keywords into the paragraphs of your content. This includes the introduction, body and concluding paragraphs. Don’t overdo it as it won’t read well and appear unprofessional. Find creative ways to incorporate your keyword in the sentence structure by using synonyms, and action verbs.

4. Anchor text

Anchor text is is a hyperlink that contains text. Including your keyword in the anchor text is more powerful than simply using a web site address. Most article directories allow 2 links in the resource box, one with anchor text and the other a standard hyperlink.

If you’re writing the article for your blog or web site, link relevant text within the main content (anchor text) to related articles within your web site. This will boost the rankings of your article.

5. Generate backlinks

Another main factor that helps attain high rankings (apart from writing an optimized article) is to generate lots of backlinks to your article. The more high quality backlinks you get the better your rankings.

Ways to build lots of backlinks include:

  • Link to relevant content within your web site (internal linking)
  • Submit your article to multiple directories
  • Repurpose your articles into videos and submit them to video sharing sites
  • Offer your article as a guest writer on a high traffic blog
  • Create a short report from a collection of articles then offer it for free
  • Create an ebook that contains links to your web site
  • Submit to social marketing sites ie twitter, facebook, etc.

All of these methods include placing anchor text within your content.

6. Write for your readers

If you write captivating content it naturally gets passed on to others. Look at a popular news item. It spreads rapidly throughout the Web because 1000s of people link to it or place the content on their web site.

7. Learn from others

Improve your writing skills by observing what other writers do to attract an audience. For example view magazine and newspaper headlines for article title ideas. Look at “the most viewed” articles in the ezinearticles directory to see which articles get your attention. Enter “keyword+article” in the Google search box to find articles that rank well for your keyword.

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