Tracking Visitors to Your Articles

web site statisticsIf you’re not tracking the number of visitors you’re receiving from your articles you won’t know their effectiveness. More visitors means more traffic, sales or subscribers. You want to get the maximum output from every article. Instead of just focusing on writing lots of content work on improving the quality of each article.

Ways to monitor article visitors

1. Ezinearticles statistics

This article directory keeps statistics on the articles you submit. Simply login to your account, go to author tools-view my article reports. It will display the number of article views and URL clicks (people that clicked on the links). You will also be able to read any comments readers added.

2. Web site statistics

If you published an article on your web site or blog you can view the hits and page views provided by your hosting service. It will also show the keywords people entered to find your article. By monitoring your site stats you’ll see what content is the most popular. This will give you ideas for future articles.

3. Tracking software

Software such as AdTrackz allows you to cloak and track your links. For instance the URL for my newsletter is and the tracking URL is The software monitors the number of people clicking on the link to read my newsletter.

If you write a guest article for a blog or newsletter you can track the number of visitors that click the URL in the resource box by cloaking it.

Use these 3 methods to monitor the effectiveness of your writing. Set a goal to increase the number of visitors to your web site. If you already get 500 visitors a month, write and submit new articles until you’ve achieved 1000 visitors a month.

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