Make Money With Your Blog – Write an Ebook or Report

My previous article discussed the types of products you can create to make money from your blog.

This article will discuss how to write a report or ebook using your blog.

How do you start?
What tools do you need?
How long will it take?

One of easiest products to create and market is a report or ebook. I’ll discuss how to create a report because a report can easily be expanded into an ebook.

1. Find a niche you are passionate about

It’s easier to write about a topic you like rather than one in which you have little or no interest in. Your passion for the topic will be evident in your writing.

2. Create a blog

If you already have a blog create a category for your new topic and start writing short posts or an article about it. Create a blog if you don’t have one. This serves 3 purposes:

a) You’re building content that automatically will attract the search engines and drive visitors to your blog.

b) Each post or article can be used to build your report. You can also begin promoting your report by adding a link to the sales page at the end of each blog post.

c) Time management. Instead of writing a report in one sitting you can create small chunks (posts) of it over time. This makes it easy to complete in a set period.

For example if you wanted to create a 21 page report, write a post (article) each day for 21 days. So within 21 days your report could be completed. If you want to break up your writing just write a short post each day and combine 2 posts to create your article. It will take longer to put together your report but it’s easier to keep adding content to your blog.

3. Create content

a) Sometimes it’s hard to find inspiration for a new article. To overcome writer’s block do a search on for your keyword. You’ll instantly find articles written on your topic. After reading several of them you’ll have a few ideas you can use to begin writing your own article.

b) Write a catchy headline followed by an introductory paragraph that emphasizes a specific problem. The following paragraphs should offer solutions to the problem.

4. Call to action

The content you’ve written prepares your reader to take action. Your last paragraph should summarize what you have said in your content and end with a call to action and a link to the sales page of your report. Add the call to action to every new post of your blog.

You are now well on the way to creating a report or ebook that you can market with your blog. My next article will discuss how to create the report based on the content you’ve added to your blog.

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