Article Writing – How to Write Quality Content

The key to successful article writing is to not to write superficially but to spend a more time researching and thinking about your topic and its content. Often times you quickly write an article, only to discover it only got read by a few people.

There is so much junk content on the Net these days it’s no wonder the search engines are constantly refining their algorithms to filter out the junk so searches can be more targeted and return high quality results.

Don’t just write for the search engines

Optimizing your content for the search engines is important however if your content sounds and looks out of place when read you won’t retain your audience. Your main focus should be to write for your readers. A well written article will naturally get picked up and published by people looking for in-depth content.

It will also have a longer life because an authority article carries more weight than a superficial one. It tends to stand out from all the scraped content you see on a lot of sites and blogs. This scraped content has often just been regurgitated by another writer so it appears in a different format.

My Secret Strategy for Writing Quality Content

The biggest challenge I have is to find the time to write a well thought out article. I overcome this by writing the article over a period of days. Depending on how much time I have, I’ll write for 15-30 minutes segments each day until the article is completed. If I have more time and/or my creative thoughts are flowing easily I’ll write more.

Once I’ve finished writing the article, I’ll go back and proof read it to check for spelling mistakes, grammar and perhaps rewrite some sentences to make them read better.


Review the content you’re writing by looking for ways to improve its quality then monitor its effectiveness. If you submit your articles to EzineArticles dot com you can track how many visitors your articles receive. You may be surprised at how many more readers you’ll get and more sales you’ll make.

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