The Pros and Cons of YouTube Videos vs Self Hosted Videos

YouTube videos vs Self Hosted Videos Pros

What are the advantages and disadvantages of YouTube vs Self Hosted Videos?

Why pay to host your own videos when it costs nothing to host them on YouTube?

How can you utilize self-hosted videos?

There’s no doubt you should be utilizing YouTube to generate traffic and leads because it receives over 800 million views each day however what if YouTube suddenly closed your account or changed their business model? You would lose all the videos you created and all the traffic generated by them.

This is similar to what happened with websites ranked in Google. For years online business owners generated profits from their websites by attaining top rankings in the search engines until the Penguin and Panda updates occurred. Their rankings completely tanked and so did their sales. The same could happen with your business if it totally relies on YouTube for traffic.

Pros & Cons of YouTube Videos vs Self Hosted Videos
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