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B. How to Optimize the Meta tags of Your Category and Products Pages

ZenCart pulls the database information automatically for each category and product page and places it in the meta tags. The information includes product name, title, model, price, title/tagline. This is fine if you don’t know much about the benefits of optimizing your web site however if you want to make your pages more search engine friendly, don’t just use the default settings.

Zen Cart enables you to define custom keywords for every category and product page.

1. Create optimized text for your product descriptions

If my page is about Remington Stainless Steel Sinks then I need to include this keyword phrase in the content on the page as well as in the meta tags. The content should contain at least a a paragraph or 2 about the product as search engines love well written descriptive content.

2. Customize the Categories Meta Tags

Go to the Categories section of your admin panel. You will see a round Meta Tags icon on the far right under “action”. If the icon is black and white, custom keywords have not been defined. Click on the icon and a page will open allowing you to enter custom Meta Title, Keywords, and Description tags.

* Include your main keyword or keyword phrase at the beginning of your title meta tag, then add your business name at the end.

* Create an attractive description for your category that will entice visitors to look deeper into your site.

* Add approximately 10 of your main keywords to the keywords meta tag.

* Click save

Your category page is now optimized for the search engines.

3. Customize the Products Meta Tags

* The top of each product page displays a box titled: “Mark What the Product’s Meta Tag Title Should Include:”

* Under this line are check boxes for product name, title, model, price, title/tagline. Uncheck price, title/tagline then enter your description and keywords in the boxes below. Zencart will automatically pull the product name, title and model from the database. (You can add your own tags if you don’t want to use these).

* Click preview to preview the changes.

* Click update to make the changes permanent.

Repeat the above procedure for each of your product pages. Make sure you include the name and model number for each product. If people are searching for that specific model, chances are your page will appear at the top of the search engines because you are the only one that optimized a page specifically for that model.

Customizing your meta tags for every page, will boost your rankings and increase your traffic and sales.

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