Top 3 Ways To Add A Subscribe Button To Your Video On YouTube

  • Do you want to get more exposure to YouTube videos?
  • Do you want to increase your traffic and generate more sales?
  • Do you want to build your brand?

When you add a subscribe button to each new video, it increases the number of people who actually watch your video and helps build your brand.

Top 3 Ways To Add A Subscribe Button To A YouTube Video

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1. Create A Subscribe Annotation

  • Login to your YouTube channel
  • Go to video manager
  • Select the video that you wish to add a subscription button to
  • Click edit
  • Click annotations
  • Decide where you want to put the annotation (I suggest at the end)
  • Click “add annotation”
  • Select “Note” from the drop down box
  • Change the background color to white (if video background is black)
  • Enter your text in the “Note” box “Click here to subscribe to my channel
  • Change black text (so it stands out from the white background)
  • Enlarge the font to 28 pixels
  • Select the “Subscribe” annotation from the drop down box
  • Enter your YouTube channel name
  • Click “Preview” to confirm you’ve entered the correct channel username
  • Click Save and Publish

If you want the subscribe button to appear throughout the video, then just extend the annotation across the entire timeline.

Now when you play the video and someone clicks on the subscription button he or she will be redirected to your YouTube channel to subscribe.

Only people who haven’t yet subscribed to your channel will see the subscribe button on your Channel Home Page. It only takes one click to subscribe.

2. Create A Captivating Image

Add an image to your video while editing it(I use Screenflow on the Mac) then follow the steps above to make it clickable. When someone clicks on the image they’ll immediately be subscribed to your channel.

The greatest benefit of this strategy is that it creates an eye-catching image which encourages viewers to subscribe without taking their eyes off the video.

Tip: Tell viewers to subscribe when the image appears in the video. This will reinforce them to take action.

3. Use Invideo programming

This YouTube feature enables you to add a watermark graphic that can be placed in the corner of your video so it will appear on all the videos in your channel. When someone clicks on the graphic they’ll get subscribed to your channel.

Here are the steps to set-up Invideo programming

  • Login to YouTube
  • Click on “video manager”
  • Go to channel settings
  • Click on “Invideo Programming”
  • Select “Add a watermark”
  • Click “Browse” to upload a transparent gif or png graphic from your computer
  • Click save

That’s it!

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