Top Seven Deadly Mistakes In Your Online Content

There is so much content on the Net these days that it’s getting more difficult to generate sales from it. Another factor is the multitude of distractions that internet users face every day that takes them away from their main focus which is building their business. Several years ago it was easier to get your message across to your audience because there was less content and distractions.

You may think your current content marketing strategy is working well however you’re probably guilty of making one of these deadly mistakes.

Top Seven Deadly Mistakes In Your Online Content

1. Offering too much free content

Many marketers offer free content to attract people into their sales funnel. The idea is to offer enough free content so the visitor will want to purchase your product. The content could be an autoresponder course, email marketing or a series of free reports. Large companies (with many employees) can offer more free content than a solopreneur. So what is a solopreneur to do? He or she has to create a strategic plan to move his visitors from reading his free content to buying his products.

2. Producing lousy content

If you constantly just write “filler content” which offers no value to your readers you’ll lose their attention. Even if you write on the same topic try to write from a different perspective so you’re offering something unique. Avoid writing about something that doesn’t deliver value.

3. Not leaving your reader hungry for more content

When you’re writing about a specific topic it’s easy to “give away the farm.” This means you provide all the information in your article without leaving your reader hungry for more because you’ve said everything there is to say. Instead try to write enough content to convey several nuggets of valuable information but leave the impression there’s a lot more they’re missing out on.

4. Confusing readers with too many ideas

Once you start writing lots of ideas begin sprouting in your mind you want to include in your content. Too many ideas in one article will only confuse your readers and they’ll look elsewhere for solutions. Instead save your new ideas for future articles. In order to keep your visitor focused streamline your content by staying on topic.

5. Writing boring content

If you bore your readers they’ll leave and go elsewhere. Spice up your content by using action verbs, asking questions or telling a story. To improve your writing capabilities take a copywriting course or read copy written by expert copywriters and try to emulate their style.

6. Copying other people’s writing style

Don’t just regurgitate what someone else has already said. Instead develop your own unique style of writing so people will be attracted to the way you explain things. This will set you apart from everyone else. For example if you’re inspired by content written by a well known author write about subject from an entirely different perspective.

7. Not asking for the sale

When people continuously receive free content from you without asking for the sale you won’t sell many products. When planning your content leave your readers with the desire of wanting to purchase your product.

Avoid these 7 deadly content mistakes by carefully planning your content ahead of time. It will help you sell more products and build a profitable business.

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