What Are TrueView Video Ads & When Should You Use Them?

YouTube frowns on using 3rd party services to increase your views on YouTube.

So what’s downright NOT allowed?

According to YouTube views policy…

“Purchasing views for your videos directly from third-party websites (e.g. paying $10 for 10,000 views). Views should only be a result of pure viewer choice to watch a video, not as a result of a transaction through incentivized views. TrueView is the only service that we can recommend and trust to provide real traffic.”

So what are TrueView Video Ads?

Watch the video below…

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With TrueView ads, you pay only when a viewer actively selects your video, or chooses to continue watching a video when it first loads as they browse video content. TrueView ads can appear on both YouTube and other publisher sites in the Google Display Network for desktop computers and high-end mobile devices.

There are 2 TrueView video formats

1. TrueView in-stream video ads

When should you use it?
Use this format when you have video content you’d like to promote before short- or longform videos on YouTube and the Google Display Network.

How do they work?
After five seconds, the viewer has an option to skip the ad.

Where will the ads appear?
TrueView in-stream videos can appear on YouTube Watch pages and on video publisher pages on the Google Display Network (includes YouTube).

How will you be charged?
For videos 30 seconds or longer, you’ll be charged when the viewer reaches the 30-second point of the video. For videos shorter than 30 seconds, you’ll be charged when the viewer watches the video to the end.

2. TrueView in-display video ads
These include YouTube Promoted Videos overlay, promoted videos suggestions, related videos

When should you use them?
Use this format to promote a video next to YouTube videos, as part of a YouTube search result or within other website content across the Google Display Network.

How do they work?
The appearance of the ad format will vary, depending on which ad sizes and ad formats that content publishers support. For example, YouTube is a key content publisher within the network, and these ads will function and appear in the same way across the YouTube site.

Where will the ads appear?
TrueView in-display video ads can appear only on YouTube Watch pages and on watch pages of video publishers on the Google Display Network.

How will you be charged?
You’ll be charged only when viewers choose to watch your ad by clicking on the thumbnail.

Now you know the different types of video ads
you can use to promote your videos.

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