Video Your Articles and Dominate Your Niche -Part 1

Writing articles is one of the best ways to attract traffic to your web site however if you video your articles you’ll attract an even larger audience and dominate your niche.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of article marketing and discuss how it also applies to video articles.

1. Generate lots of traffic

Text-based articles generate traffic when submitted to article directories, blogs, ezines or used for e-courses, sales letters and press releases.

Video articles generate traffic by submitting to video sharing sites (eg YouTube, Google Video etc). You can also create video sales letters, video ezines and video e-courses.

2. Build incoming links

The more high quality links pointing to your web site the higher your rankings go. One-way links inserted in the resource box at the end of your article builds link popularity that ultimately boosts rankings. There is no need to exchange links with article marketing.

Video articles also help build links. Video sharing sites like YouTube get millions of visitors a day and is one of the most popular sites on the Net. Make sure you include the full URL in the description of your video. This becomes a live link back to your web site and is displayed to the public. To enable visitors to see your URL, display it prominently in your actual video.

3. Increase search engine rankings

Search engines index content that is optimized for specific keywords so include these in the title, body, and anchor text of your articles.

When submitting your video articles include your main keywords in the tags and descriptions of each video. Search engines look at the keywords used in your tags to display your video when someone enters that keyword in the search box. For example if you enter “How to Repurpose Your Articles” in YouTube’s search box my video will appear for that topic.

4. Become recognized as an expert

The key to getting known as an expert in your field is to produce lots of high quality content whether you write or video your articles. Publishing content in different formats helps it appeal to a large audience. Some prefer textual content whereas others learn visually.

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