YouTube Video Analytics: Are You Tracking The Performance Of Your Videos?

Are you analyzing your videos statistics?
Are people watching your video to the end?
Do you know the demographics of your viewers?

If you’re not constantly tracking the performance of your videos you won’t know if you’re reaching your target audience. For example you could be wasting your precious time creating new videos no one is watching.

So how do you analyze your YouTube traffic?

Log in to your YouTube account and go to Video Manager – Analytics. Under “View Reports” you’ll see listed:

  • Views
  • Demographics
  • Playback locations
  • Traffic sources
  • Audience Retention

Let’s analyze each of these in more detail

The Views report shows you which videos of the most popular, how long people are watching them and when they leave. This gives you a better idea of the nature of your audience.

The Demographics report helps you understand the age range and gender distribution of your audience. For example you can see how many views your video is getting from the United States, what age group they belong to and whether they’re male or female.

Playback locations
This reveals the page, site, or device the video was viewed on. Most of your views will come from the YouTube watch page, the most common viewing page on YouTube. The data will also show how many views come from embedded players other websites, mobile devices and your own YouTube channel page.

Traffic sources
This shows where people found your video content. For example they may have found your video on YouTube, social media sites, external websites, Google search, your channel page or from mobile apps.

Audience retention
This is the section you should pay most attention to because it reveals how long your videos were able to keep visitors’ attention. It shows the list of your top 10 videos, the estimated minutes watched, the average view duration, and the average percentage viewed.

Note: Views signify when the user intends to view the video. If a video is set to autoplay and someone watches it, that view doesn’t count.

Absolute audience retention shows the views of every moment of the video as a percentage of the number of views of the beginning of the video.

Relative audience retention shows how well your videos keep viewers in comparison to other YouTube videos of similar length. The higher the figure, the more viewers that kept watching your video.

Rewinding or re-watching a particular moment will push the graph upwards whereas if someone starts viewing mid-video, fast forwarding or abandoning the video it will push the graph downwards.

If you find that your visitors are not watching your video until the end consider reducing the length of the video and/or making sure your content is interesting enough to watch.

Engagement reports

This section shows how many people subscribe to your videos, the ratio of likes and dislikes, favorites, comments and sharing. It’s not enough just to upload your video and forget about it. YouTube places great significance on the actions your viewers take from watching the video. For example the subscribers to your channel will be more serious than casual viewers.

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