5 YouTube Video Marketing Myths Busted

YouTube videos are an excellent method for generating more sales and leads for your online business because they engage your audience in a greater way than text plus videos rank faster in the search engines. No longer do you have to wait for months before they appears. I’ve uploaded videos that achieved first page rankings on Google within a few minutes.

So what prevents most people from using videos to market their business?

Here are the top 5 myths busted

1. Too difficult to create

No longer do you need an expensive camera, lights and audio to shoot videos. You can simply use your iPhone or Digital camera. Most of them shoot using high definition video which is perfect for viewing online.

2. Takes too long

People don’t often get started because they think it will take hours to shoot, edit and upload their video. Some gadgets such as the iPhone have applications you can install that make editing easy. For instance the iPhone iMovie App allows you to edit clips on your phone then upload them directly to YouTube.

Alternatively you can plug your camera into your computer using the USB connection and edit videos using Windows Movie Maker for PCs and iMovie for Macs. Shooting, editing and uploading can all be achieved within 30 minutes.

3. Too expensive

You no longer need an expensive camera to shoot professional videos. Just use what you have such as a Flip camera, iPhone or digital camera. When shooting indoors make sure there is plenty of natural daylight otherwise your videos will lose their quality. If possible shoot outdoors to avoid lack of light.

4. Lack of confidence

Many people avoid appearing on camera because they think they’re too ugly, don’t know what to say or stumble in their speech. Initially I experienced the same hurdle however you just have to “do it” and keep practicing. To get over your “lack of confidence” shoot several videos at once without uploading them. Write a script of what you want to say then memorize it. I generally memorize one or two sentences at a time, then edit them in my editing software.

Viewers don’t care what you look like so stop being too self conscious. Focus on providing quality content instead of how you look on camera. If you provide solutions to the biggest problems your audience faces they’ll want more.

5. Don’t know what to say

If you manage an online business there’s lots of ways to produce content for your videos. The types of videos may include an “about me” video that describes the people involved in your business. A “promo” video may outline the benefits of doing business with your company. A “how-to” video can show visitors how to demonstrate something related to your product or service or a “testimonial” video can be a satisfied customer sharing their experience doing business with you.

One of the best methods if you don’t know what to say is to simply write out a script, memorize one or two lines before turning on the camera then use your editing software to join the clips together. The more you practice the better you’ll become.

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