Autoresponder Software: How to Decide Which Type is Best

What’s the purpose of autoresponder software?
How do you decide which type is best for your business?

“The money is in your list” is a common phrase uttered by online marketers because it enables you to build long term relationships with your subscribers. People tend to buy products from others they know, like and trust. Autoresponder software helps build these relationships by following up with a series of automated messages.

How to choose the best autoresponder software for your business?

There are 100s of options to choose from, so how do you make the best decision?

First you need to decide what purpose you need an autoresponder for. Here are some options to help you decide what you need:

1. One follow-up autoresponder

This type of autoresponder only allows a one time follow-up response. It will not allow you to send a series of follow-up messages. Let’s look at some of the uses of a one time follow-up system:

  • You’re going on vacation so anyone that sends you an email gets a one time automatic response saying something like “I’m currently out of the office and will reply as soon as possible”.

    You want to send an automatic response to emails from your customers letting them know you’ll get back to them within 24 hours.

  • You’ve created a list of FAQs. When a person requests an answer they receive an immediate answer from your autoresponder.
  • Create a series of articles on your website. If the reader wants a copy they send an email to your autoresponder which immediately sends the article to them.

If you only need a one time autoresponder follow-up system use the email autoresponders included with your web hosting service. You won’t need to pay a monthly fee, you’ll have total control and can use your own domain name in the email address ie

2. Sequential autoresponder

This enables you to send a series of follow-up messages. These can be scheduled to go out every few days, each week or even every day for one year. Let’s look at some of the ways to use a sequential follow-up system:

  • Send out a series of follow-up emails after a person has opted in to your list
  • Build your list by sending valuable content to your subscribers every few days
  • Sell more products by drip feeding new content about your product or new products
  • After a person has bought a product send them a series of emails explaining how to use it
  • Send out a new tip automatically each day to your customers
  • Create different lists and follow-up messages for different niches
  • Segment lists based on your customers needs and desires
  • Ability to send an email blast to one, two or all of your lists at the same time.

As you can see a sequential autoresponder is a powerful tool for building your online business. It will save you time, money and hassles because you’ve implemented an automated system.

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