How To Identify Your Ideal Client And Increase Sales

ideal client

Are you getting traffic but no sales?
Are you writing blog posts that don’t get read?
Are you creating videos that don’t get viewed?

One of the biggest problems with online marketers (this includes myself) is not knowing the needs, wants and desires of their clients. Instead they create a product they think their client needs then wonder why it isn’t selling. You’ve got see things from your client’s viewpoint instead of your own.

How to find your ideal client

You’ve got to go where they hangout online and begin interacting with them. For instance perhaps they are active in a particular forum. If so join that forum and participate in the conversations by answering and asking questions. You could even create a blog post answering one of the questions on the forum then redirect people to it.

Ways to find your ideal client

Seek out the top bloggers in your niche by using the Google Blog Search Tool. Look for blogs that have a ton of comments and likes for recent posts then participate by leaving your own comment. Don’t just say “nice job” but write a well-thought out response that others will want to read.

Enter your main keyword phrase in the Facebook search box to find other Facebook pages related to your niche. Invite people to your Facebook page by sending friend requests on a regular basis. Update the status of your page by providing valuable information and responding to others’ comments. By observing and participating in conversations you’ll get a better idea what problems people are struggling with.

Enter a keyword in the search box to find the most active Twitter accounts in your niche. If they have tons of followers, tweets you know they must be active. Observe what the Twitter Universe is talking about in your niche by following the market leaders.

Building up the number of Google Circles in your niche will not only increase your Google rankings but help you understand what potential clients are talking about. Create a Google+ account then use the search box to find relevant circles. Create your own circles and invite others to join.

Survey your list
Sign up for a free account at then survey your newsletter list by asking subscribers what are the biggest problems they face. Alternatively create a list of multiple choice questions so it will only take a minute for them to answer.
Enter your main niche keyword into Amazon’s search bar to find the most popular books that have been written. Compare the books that get 5 star and 1 star reviews to study their similarities. Ask yourself why one book was successful while the other failed. The information will help you to create content your target market will be interested in. and
Discover the demographics of your target audience by using these 2 great free online tools. You can even type in your competitor’s website to find out about the people who are visiting their website such as how old they are, where they live and how much money they make. Create your ideal customer profile by gathering this information.

Create a profile of your favorite customer(s)
If you’re in service-based industry, think of the customers who gave you the most money. What do your favorite customers have in common? Get out a piece of paper and write down all the things you know about them. This will become more detailed over time. Every time you create new content write as if you’re speaking to this ideal client.

If you fail to identify your ideal customer, you’ll be shooting in the dark. Instead of hoping someone likes what you have to say, do a little research first so you won’t waste time spinning your wheels.

If you have other methods of identifying your ideal client, please leave your comment in the box below.


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