Custom Landing Page Design — Top 7 reasons to hire a professional designer

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Even though a landing page is easy to design for a newcomer to Internet marketing it can be overwhelming to put all the pieces together. For instance you need to know how to register a domain name, change the name servers, set up a Web hosting account, understand how to transfer files using FTP software and learn how to use the WordPress backend administration panel to add, edit your content. Even if you manage to build your own landing you may not have the confidence it’s professional enough to launch it to the public. If this is the case it’s better to invest in custom landing page design.

Top 7 reasons to hire a professional designer to design your landing page

1. Professional design

Would you prefer a carpenter who has over 10 years experience to build your house or a new carpenter who has only had one year or a few months experience? Obviously you would choose the carpenter with the most experience so you would get the job done correctly. It’s the same with landing page design. You could do it yourself or hire an experienced designer. Even if you could build a basic landing page yourself you won’t know if it’s professional enough to work for you.

2. Save time

It takes time to learn about all the components you need to build your landing page. The time it takes to learn about each one of them may cost you more than hiring a landing page designer who can get the job done quickly and professionally.

3. Save money

If you build a landing page yourself or hire an inexperienced designer you could end up with a lot of mistakes that would affect the future of your website. For instance your site may load slowly because it contains bloated code or the graphics are not optimized for the web. A slow loading website will affect your search engine rankings plus you’ll lose visitors who won’t wait for the page load.

5. Experience

A professional landing page designer is not just familiar with design but also knows how to optimize the page so it appears in the search engines and understands the most effective strategies for marketing your site to attract business and generate sales.

6. Lower Pay Per Click costs

Your marketing expenses can be higher with a poorly designed website. A landing page built without proper content, design and optimization can end up with higher pay per click costs to Google, Yahoo and Bing. For instance when a visitor clicks on your ad listing and is sent to your website they may not choose to contact you because there is insufficient information for them to make a decision.

7. Technical support

If your website gets hacked and becomes unavailable to your visitors you’ll lose sales and have to invest precious time and money looking for a person to fix your website. if you got it built by a professional web designer you just need to contact him or her and they’ll quickly get your site back online. Ongoing technical support from your designer is crucial if you want to make changes, add scripts or get consulting advice.

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