Follow-up Autoresponders — Top 3 Reasons Why Most Businesses Don’t Follow-up On Their Customers

Everyone enjoys the feeling of making an instant sale. When you receive multiple sales for your product you get ecstatic. It means all your investment creating the product and setting up the sales funnel is working. Did you know that you could double your sales if you followed up on your customers? Follow-up autoresponders are one of the most underused low-tech tools that can increase your profits.

Top 3 reasons why most businesses don’t follow-up on their customers

1. Don’t understand the benefits of follow-up

It’s a proven fact that only one or 2% of people actually purchase a product the first time they see it. That percentage increases if you send a series of follow-up messages using an autoresponder. A follow-up autoresponder will automatically send a series of e-mail messages at predetermined intervals after a person has signed up to your list. This reminds your customer about your product and enables you to provide more in-depth information about it. If you go out of your way to provide useful tips, latest news, etc customers will be more open to making a purchase..

2. Difficulty of setting up an autoresponder

It can be a real hassle to set up an autoresponder especially if you are a beginner and/or are not very technically inclined. The most difficult task is creating the autoresponder content. This means you need to write a series of least 7 e-mails to load into your autoresponder. One of the easiest ways to do this is to bundle together several articles you have already written on the same subject. You’ll need to edit the content a little to create smooth transitions between each email. Another idea is to purchase PLR (Private Label Rights) content so you don’t have to write it yourself.

3. Unable to pay the monthly fee for a professional autoresponder service

Most professional web-based autoresponder services require a monthly fee to send follow-up emails. This fee increases as you get more subscribers. One way to offset these costs is to sign up for their affiliate program. You will receive a 30% recurring commission. This means for every person that signs up for the affiliate program you will receive 30% of their monthly fees. If you sign up several people it will cover the monthly costs of using the autoresponder service.

If you don’t want to go this route you could purchase desktop software or install an autoresponder script on your own server. Both of these strategies have limitations. For instance, if you get spam complaints from Internet service providers (ISPs) you’ll have to make time to deal with them yourself. Contrast this to a professional service which has a dedicated team for handling spam complaints and making sure your e-mail is delivered.

One of the problems of installing an autoresponder script on your own server is that your web host may limit the amount of e-mails that can be sent in one day. They must do this so as not to overwhelm their servers. If an ISP blocks the IP address of that server all the websites residing on that server will be deactivated.

My strong recommendation is to sign-up for a professional web-based autoresponder service. You’ll be glad you did!

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By Herman Drost – Web Design, Hosting, SEO

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