Top 10 Ways To Get More Subscribers On YouTube FAST

When somebody decides to subscribe to your channel it means they want to keep updated on any new video you create and share it with their friends. Building a large subscriber base enables you to create a large community of fans who like to watch your videos.

Here Are My Top 10 Ways To Get
More Subscribers On YouTube FAST

1. Add a subscribe annotation

Add a prominent subscription image to the end of your video. Create a website annotation to link the image to your YouTube subscription page. When viewers click on the image they’ll become a new subscriber to your channel.

2. Ask viewers to subscribe

Instead of relying on viewers to subscribe by clicking on the image, reinforce the directions by also asking them to do so within the video.

3. Upload a new video on a regular basis

The more videos you upload the more subscribers you’ll receive. Get into the habit of uploading a new video on a regular schedule. For instance create and upload one new video each week.

4. Optimize your videos to improve rankings

If your video achieves first page rankings on Google the number of subscribers will dramatically increase. This is because more people will view your video if it’s on page 1 than if it’s on page 10.

Make sure you include your main keyword in the title, description and tags. Don’t expect all your videos to achieve first page rankings. Instead focus on consistently providing valuable content that leaves your visitors wanting more.

5. Create a captivating title

Boring titles are not going to get anyone to check out your video unless they absolutely need the information (ie how-to videos). Use a good keyword research tool (ie Wordtracker’s Free Keyword Tool) to discover the keyword terms people are searching on then make a video for each term.

Watch my review of WordTracker on YouTube

Instead of saying “How To Trim Your YouTube Video” a better title would say “How To Trim Your YouTube Video In Less Than A Minute

6. Correctly tag your videos

Adding tags related to the content in your video will make sure your videos appear on YouTube and/or Google for those specific tags. Include multi-word tags as well as single words because people often use phrases in their online searches.

7. Write meaningful descriptions

Currently only the first 3 lines of your description is visible when someone first views your video so make sure the beginning of the description explains what the video is about. Include your channel subscription link within your description to give viewers another opportunity to subscribe.

8. Create a custom thumbnail

Viewers are more likely to see and click on an image in the list of search results than plain text. Therefore create an image that stands out so it attracts more subscribers to your channel.

9. Interact with the YouTube community

Comment and subscribe to related YouTube channels and videos. Add them to your Google+ circles so they’ll automatically see the new video posted on your Google Plus page. The more eyeballs that watch your videos the more subscribers you’ll receive.

10. Add a YouTube widget or icon to your blog sidebar

If your blog constantly receives new visitors invite them to subscribe to your YouTube channel by adding an icon or widget to the sidebar of your blog. Since the sidebar appears on every page visitors will be able to see the icon or widget from any page they happen to enter your blog from.

Here’s how to install the widget

  • Copy the code below and paste it to your web page or sidebar of your blog.
  • Replace youryoutubeusername with the username of your channel.
  • Change the “height” and “width” numbers to increase or decrease the size of your widget

<iframe frameborder="0" id="fr" scrolling="no" src="" style="overflow: hidden;height: 105px;width: 300px;border: 0"></iframe>

Here’s how it looks like on your web page

Try of a few of the methods mentioned above to see which one generates the fastest and most subscribers. Make sure you’re consistently creating and uploading new videos.

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