How To Find The Traffic Sources Of Your Videos On YouTube

Do you know what search terms or keywords people
are using to find your videos on YouTube?

If you videos appear on the first page of YouTube or
Google you’ll receive a continuous stream of free traffic.

This is a great way to generate new leads or subscribers on autopilot.

Here’s how to analyze the traffic sources of your YouTube videos:

Watch the video below

The traffic sources report in YouTube Analytics shows the sites and YouTube features that viewers use to find your content. You can use it to get insight into the many ways viewers find your videos.

For example, you can see if viewers are searching directly on YouTube, clicking “suggested videos” thumbnails, or following links from social networking websites like Twitter or Facebook.

Here’s how to view your traffic sources using YouTube Analytics:

  • Log into your YouTube channel
  • Click the profile icon
  • Click “creator studio”
  • Click the drop down box next to analytics
  • Go to traffic sources
  • Click on “YouTube search”
  • Here are all the keyword phrases that people are
    using to find your videos on YouTube.
  • It gives you the watch time, number of views, average view duration.
  • You can also get the geography…as you can see the
    United States is the most popular.
  • If you go back to traffic sources and click on “suggested videos”…
    these are views from suggestions appearing alongside or after other videos.
  • Here you’ve got a list of the top 25 videos that appear as the “suggested videos”
  • This is the last 28 days but you can also adjust it
    if you want view the last 90 days or this year, last year, etc.
  • If you go back to traffic sources we can see the other sources of traffic.
  • External..this is traffic from websites and apps
    that embed your videos or link to your videos on YouTube.
  • YouTube advertising..this is ad playbacks that qualify as a view.
  • Direct or Unknown…is traffic from direct URL entry,
    bookmarks and unidentified apps.
  • Suggested the views from suggestions appearing
    alongside or after other videos.
  • You can see most of my traffic is coming from
    YouTube search and from external.
  • If I hover over the graph, I can analyze these statistics for April 2016 so I’ve got suggested videos, direct or unknown, YouTube advertising, external sources and YouTube search.
  • YouTube search is my highest traffic source.

That’s it!

Now you know the traffic sources that people are using to discover your videos. You’ll also know the keywords that people are using to find your videos on Google and YouTube.

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