Discover how my special guest Daniel Batel, quickly grew his YouTube Channel to 100,000 subscribers in less than 2 years. In this interview he shares his tips and tricks on how to grow your own channel quickly.

Here are the questions I asked Daniel with time stamps below so you can quickly go to that section of the video to get your answer.

0.00 How the heck do you get 100,000 subscribers on YouTube in less than 2 years?
0:46 What are some of the top factors that contributed to your phenomenal success?
5:06 How did you focus on doing tutorials on Filmora?
7:09 What’s the difference between using TubeBuddy and MorningFame keyword tools?
10:18 Why doesn’t my video appear on the first page of YouTube if I get an excellent keyword score
in TubeBuddy and I’ve optimized the video?
12:31 How do you optimize your videos?
15:14 How do you keep your audience engaged?
17:28 What’s a good retention rate to shoot for?
19:21 How long should a video be?
20:54 What to do if TubeBuddy says good search volume, low competition and MorningFame says, not a search term?
22:47 What are the top 3 metrics that you focus on?
25.25 When do you do if you don’t see the video performing within the first hour?
26:27 What’s a metric that not many people pay attention to?
27:36 What do you do at the beginning to get initial view velocity?
30:05 How do you get a high click through rate (CTR)?
30:28 What’s the lifecycle of a video?
32:24 How to improve the ability to get your velocity going?
33:45 Why create a playlist and add videos to them?
35:27 What factor made a huge difference to the growth of your channel?
40:16 How to make videos that resonate with your target audience
44:02 Is it better to link to another video or a playlist?
47:36 How do you create a consistent upload schedule?
50:42 Why do you let a video breathe?
52:40 What advise would you give for a channel that’s not growing?
59:00 What advise do you have for someone starting a new channel?
1:02:54 What keeps you motivated?
1:04:46 Where can people find you?

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