How To Make A YouTube Video End Screen To Increase Views And Subscribers

Do you want to get viewers to interact
more with your YouTube videos?

More interaction results in more views and subscribers.

The YouTube end screen editor allows you to quickly and easily add mobile annotations to the end of your YouTube videos. For example you can get viewers to subscribe, watch a related video or even redirect them to your associated website.

Here’s a demo of how to make an end screen with YouTube’s End Screen Editor

End screen elements can’t be used on videos that already include standard annotations. If you want to still add an end screen you’ll need to unpublish the annotations first, add the end screen then republish.

Here are the steps to add an end screen
to your videos on YouTube

1. Sign in to the your YouTube account.
2. Click on video manager
3. Select the video you wish to add an end screen to
4. Click the drop down
5. Click end screen and annotations (Now I’ve got a grid on top of my video)
6. Click “view”…It says show grid, snap to element, snap to grid
7. If you click “use template” you can select any of the templates (saves time)
8. Click “import from video”..It says “import an end screen from one of your videos” or you can enter YouTube video URL.
9. YouTube gives you 20 seconds to add your end screen to the end of your video. You can add your end screen anywhere on this timeline within those 20 seconds.
10. Click add element
11. Select “Link to an approved website”
12. Click “create”…I can link to an associated website and I can select
from any of the sites that are associated with my youtube channel.
13. I can select Merchandise sites or Crowdfunding sites
14. Select a website (squeeze page URL)
15. Click next
16. It gives me a title ie “video upload checklist”
17. I can select a call to action..learn more, sign up, visit, shop, download, order buy
18. Select download..Here’s the image that’s taken off my squeeze page.
I can also also change the image and upload a different image from my computer
19. Click “create element”
20. Here’s the element to my squeeze page. I can move this around anywhere on the grid
21. And at the top it says “at least one element must be a video or playlist
22. So you must add a video to your end screen for it to work
23. Click add element..I’m going to add a video
24. Create “create” and you can add most recent upload, best for viewer
or you can choose a video or playlist
25. I’m going to select best for viewer because YouTube is going to show
the best video based upon the viewer’s past viewing experience
26. Click “create element”
27. Up the top here it says “please add space between the elements”
28. So I gotta move the element down…and I’ve used 2 out of 4 elements
29. Now I am going to add a playlist
30. Click add element
31. Click video or playlist
32. Click create
33. It says choose video or playlists
34. So I am going to click video optimization
35. Click create element..and I’m going to move the element to bottom right
36. I can also expand the element box if I wish to
37. So now I have 3 out of 4 elements and the last one I am going to add a subscribe button
38. Click add element…so I’ve got subscribe..promote subscriptions to your channel
39. Click create..and I’ll move the element to top right
40. Now I have 4 elements on my end screen


  • You can move any of the elements on the timeline
    to appear any time during the last 20 seconds.
  • For example I am going to move the squeeze page to 2:09
  • I am going to move the “best for viewer” video 3 seconds later to 2:12
  • I am going to move the playlist to 2:15 and move
    the subscribe element to 2:21
  • Click preview
  • First you see my video upload checklist link, secondly the suggested video, thirdly the playlist video and and finally my subscribe link.
  • Click save

Here 5 important things to keep in mind…

1. Make sure all your end screen elements are relevant to your video.
2. Annotations and end screen elements can’t be used on the same video so if you select a video that’s already got annotations you have to unpublish it, add the end screen and republish it.
3. Encourage viewers to click the call to action elements inside your end screen.
4. Make sure you leave 20 seconds at the end of your video to add your end screen elements.
5. Create your end screen elements so they appear
at different times on your timeline.

That’s it!
Now you know how to add an end screen on YouTube
to increase views and subscribers.

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