How To Promote Your Website For Free: The Top 7 Methods

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Do free methods really work?
What are the most effective free ways to promote your website?
What should be your daily marketing plan?

Promoting your website is an absolute necessity if you want to attract a continuous stream of visitors and generate sales. Without traffic your website will die a slow death and you’ll conclude trying to make money online is a waste of time. Instead of paying for traffic through pay per click advertising or ads in ezines, you trade money for time because free traffic methods require an investment of time.

Do free traffic methods really work?

Yes, however it must be done consistently and frequently. For instance writing and publishing one article each month will not generate much traffic, however if you write 3 articles a week over a year you’ll see a steady increase in traffic to your website.

Top 7 most effective methods to promote your website for free

1. Optimize your website

Make sure your keywords are included in the meta tags, headings, subheadings, navigation, image descriptions, main content and internal links to other pages. Whenever someone links to your site ask them to include your keyword phrase in the anchor text (hyperlinked text).

2. Link building

The quality and quality of links pointing to your site determines how high your site will rank in the search engines. Create a plan to get new links to your site everyday.

3. Article marketing

This is where you write and submit articles for publication. Optimize each article by including the main keyword phrase in the title and throughout the content then add a resource box at the end of the article to invite readers back to your website. Submit your article to the top article directories and ezine publishers in your niche. This will help you gain new backlinks, rankings and traffic to your website.

4. Blogging

Use your blog as the main hub of your online marketing efforts. Add new posts at least three times a week so visitors know when to expect new content. Optimize each post for the search engines by weaving your keywords into the title and main web copy. Get some links to it by leaving a comment on other blogs in your niche and linking to it from related articles on your blog.

5. Contribute to forums and blogs in your niche

Do a search for related blogs and forums by entering keyword+blog or keyword+forum in Google then contribute to them by answering questions and/or providing in-depth content.

6. Re-purpose your content

Some people prefer to consume content by audio or video instead of reading text. Re-purpose written content by converting it into a video or a podcast then submit the content to video sharing sites and pod cast directories.

7. Social networking

Every time you write content and publish it on your blog or online publications announce it on Twitter and Facebook so you build a community of followers who are interested in what you have to say. Instead of always looking for new traffic build an online community with long term friendships.

What should be your daily marketing plan?

Invest the first 30 minutes of everyday writing new content. Don’t worry if you don’t finish your article within 30 minutes. You can complete it the next day. Submit it first to your blog, then rewrite it before submitting to article directories and/or ezine publishers. Re-purpose the same article into video and audio and publish it to video and audio sites. Announce you content on Twitter and Facebook.

If you put these 7 methods into practice consistently your traffic will steadily increase and so will your sales.

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