Link Popularity – Top 10 Benefits of Link Building – Part 2

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Part 2

6. Multiple entry points

Building links to other pages within your web site creates multiple points for visitors to enter your web site. They will naturally visit the other pages of your site by following your navigation links.

7. Get listed in paid search engines

Most search engines don’t allow you to get listed without paying a fee. Building links to other pages within your web site is a great method to also get listed in the paid search engines because they simply follow a link from another site linked to yours.

8. Index dynamic web pages

It’s not easy for search engines to index dynamic pages. Web pages that get indexed usually end with .htm .html .shtml .php .pdf Dynamic pages usually end with a question mark or contain a lot of numbers. Using proper link building strategies will allow dynamic pages to be indexed and also gain high rankings.

9. Stay ahead of your competition

Targeting specific keywords and/or keyword phrases during your link building campaign, will keep you ahead of your competition. Therefore it’s imperative to be persistent in getting a high number of quality links pointing to your web site.

10. Boost web traffic, visitors and sales

High traffic sites that point to your site help to increase the number of visitors coming to your own web site. It can be compared to having your shop in a mall. Visitors roaming the mall will also visit your shop because it is located in a high traffic area.

Some visitors from high traffic sites will be redirected to your site, thus increasing your overall traffic and visitors. If your web copy is enticing enough for your visitors, the increased traffic will generate more sales.


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