Mobile Marketing – Top 4 Advantages

If you check your traffic statistics you’ll discover an increasing number of visits are from people using their mobile phones. If you don’t have a mobile website yet it means you’re losing potential customers. Already over half of Americans use a mobile device and a data plan that allows them to access the internet. The number of people using smart phones will only increase over time.

Top 4 Advantages of Mobile Marketing

1. Increase search engine rankings

Search engines want to provide the most relevant information to visitors so if someone is searching for products, services or information with a mobile device that search engine would give your mobile website greater visibility.

Make sure you create a mobile version of your main website then auto-redirect visitors from your main site to your mobile site.

2. Improve customer service

It’s more difficult to acquire new customers than to take care of existing ones. Creating a mobile-friendly website improves customer service because you are catering to their needs. For instance when a person is searching for information related to your business on their mobile phone and your mobile website appears you are providing the best user experience possible. This increases the likelihood of wanting to do business with you.

3. Competitive advantage

Your mobile website will give you a competitive edge especially if you’re in a competitive field. If a person can’t immediately access the information they seek they’ll leave and go elsewhere. By having a mobile friendly website you’ll be a step ahead of your competitors.

4. Lower pay-per-click costs

Google rewards advertisers who have invested in creating mobile website for their business. This is because they want to provide the most relevant results to their users. For example if a person clicks on a Google Ad with their mobile phone and it doesn’t display a mobile-friendly site they will go to your competitor’s site. If you want to lower your pay-per-click costs make sure you create a mobile-friendly version of your landing page.

Don’t procrastinate building a mobile website because more and more people will own mobile devices. The longer you avoid taking action the more visitors and sales you will lose.

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