How to Create An Epic Blog Post That Gets Shared Naturally

epic blog post

  • Are your posts getting drowned out in a sea of information?
  • Are you getting little or no traffic to your content?
  • Do you feel like you are on a content treadmill working hard but not getting anywhere?

For years I was churning out regular content for my blog (3x/week) but didn’t know if anyone was actually reading or sharing it although traffic was steadily increasing. Most posts were only 500-800 words in length and I only promoted them on social media sites.

I decided to test a new strategy by creating an epic post of 1000-2000 words then spending the same amount of time on promotion as writing it. As a result my posts not only received an initial spike in traffic but generated sustainable traffic.

Here are the 6 main benefits for writing an epic post:
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How to Get Visitors to Your Blog and Increase Blog Traffic

One of the easiest methods of making money online is to build a blog in a niche you feel passionate about. Without passion your new blog will die a slow death and join millions of other blog owners who started one but couldn’t keep it going. It requires frequent and consistent investment of time and energy to make it work.

Traffic is the lifeblood of your blog. If you fail to get visitors to read your blog you won’t sell products or get subscribers. There are 2 ways to generate traffic to your blog. One works very fast while the other is more long term.


Pay per click
This is where you create ads which appear on the right side of the search engine results. When someone clicks on your ad they’ll be taken to your website. A profitable pay per click campaign is one in which your profit is greater than what you invested. For instance if your budget is $300/month and your profit is $1000/month your profit is $700/month.

LEARN how to set up a successful Google AdWords campaign.

Ezine advertising
This refers to placing an ad in an ezine that caters to your specific niche. For example if the ezine has 50,000 responsive subscribers you will generate immediate traffic from your ad.


There are 100s of ways to generate free traffic to your blog however I’ll discuss the 8 most effective methods I’ve used and still use to generate traffic to my blog or websites:

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