How To Change Your YouTube Channel Trailer To Attract New Visitors

Do you want to get new visitors to
subscribe to your YouTube Channel?

Your channel trailer is the first video your visitors will see if they’re not already subscribed to your channel. It should catch their attention and showcase your work.

Here are the steps to change your YouTube
Channel Trailer To Attract New Visitors…

Watch the video below…

  • Sign into YouTube
  • Click on “My Channel”
  • You’ll see the links “for returning subscribers” and “for new visitors”
  • Click on “for new visitors”
  • At the top you’ll see “view as yourself” which is a new visitor or returning subscribers
  • So if I’m a new visitor then this is what a new visitor will see
  • And up here it says ‘this is how your channel looks to others”
  • When you finish you can click “done”
  • For returning visitors they’ll see one of the other videos that you’ve uploaded
  • We are going to select “For new visitors”
  • To change your channel trailer just hover over the pencil icon
  • Click on that…select “change trailer” or “remove trailer”
  • So we are going to change the trailer
  • Then we can just select one of your channel videos or you can select a promotional video
  • I’m going to select this video “how to advertise on YouTube for beginners”
  • Click “save”
  • Now I have a new trailer video for my channel
  • This is what new visitors will see and returning subscribers will see something different
  • So if you want to change that again simply hover over the pencil..change the trailer, select the video or enter your video URL in the box then click “save”

That’s it!

Here are 4 important things to keep in mind:

  1. Assume your visitors have never heard of you
  2. Keep your video short
  3. Ask your visitors to subscribe to your channel
  4. By default, no ads will appear on your channel trailer because it will distract people from learning about your channel or subscribing to it.

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