7 Types of Videos To Market Your Business

types of videos

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and receives over 800 million unique visitors each month so if you’re not capitalizing on using videos to generate free traffic you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. Also videos gain more attention compared to text because they appeal to a persons visual and auditory senses.

So let’s look at the 7 types of videos to market your business

1. Promotional video

When people first visit your web page they immediately want to know the benefits of doing business with you and how you are different from similar companies. Create a short promo video (less than 1 minute) for your home page that explains why your customers should do business with you. The best way to do this is to first write a script, memorize it then shoot the video with by giving a personalized message.

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2. About me video

Many online businesses these days avoid showing who is behind the website. This is a big mistake because customers tend to do business with people or a brand they trust. If you’re trying to sell a product or service but hide who you are you’ll miss out on potential buyers.

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Create a video explaining a little about yourself, why you got into this business and how it will benefit your clients. This video can be a little longer than your promo video because people want to know who are are.

3. Testimonial video

You’ve probably seen written testimonials on various websites however how do you know they haven’t been written by the owner himself. It’s easy to create testimonials that appear to be written by your customers however it’s much harder to create fake video testimonials.

To create a video testimonial ask one of your previous customers if they would agree to make a short little video that explains why they were happy to use your product or service. They could simply write the testimonial on paper first then read it while on their web cam or do it straight from the heart.

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4. Interview video

Interviewing an expert in your niche increases your credibility in the eyes of your customers. There are several ways to achieve this for example using Skype, or a Google hangout . Upload the video to YouTube after recording it then embed it on your website.

You could transcribe the content then re-purpose it by creating a PDF file and publishing it on one of the document sharing sites such as Scribd.com or Slideshare.com. This would expand the reach of your audience.

In this video Damayanthi interviews video marketing expert Vitoria Castro.

5. Demonstration or Tutorial video

Demonstration videos are a great way to visually show how your product or service works. For instance if you’re a dentist create a live video showing you working with your patients. If you’re a fitness trainer create a video demonstrating some of your most popular training techniques. A software company can record their computer screen while using their software.

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A tutorial video is similar to a demonstration video except it may go into more detail. For example if you created a tutorial on how to install WordPress you would probably take longer than 3 minutes to cover all the steps.

6. Review video

Before people purchase a product they often scout the internet for reviews so see what others are saying about it. If the reviews are mostly positive they’ll be motivated to buy but if they’re negative they’ll move on to something else.

One way to create a review video is to just talk honestly about your experience with the product or service…ie the pros and cons. Another method is to show how the product works by looking over your shoulder while recording the computer screen.

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7. Informational video

Providing valuable information tips from an expert in the business helps win customers’ trust and build community. An easy way to do this is to create a list of the most searched keywords in your business then create a short video which expands on the title of that keyword phrase.

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Now it’s time to take action so choose one or more of the 7 types of videos mentioned above then schedule when and how often you’ll create them.

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