Video Marketing Makes Your Brand Come Alive

why video marketing

The web is no longer just about boring, static text and images. Now more than ever, marketers are using video to interact with customers and potential customers in new ways. This article will show you how to get in on the action.

How do I create and edit videos?

Here are 3 main ways to create videos:

1. Talking head

Speaking in front of camera can be scary at first but with lots of practice you’ll get better and it will be easier. Most people have a smart phone, or digital camera that shoots high definition videos so just use what you have. Create a script so your thoughts are organized then try to memorize each line before you speak on camera so you come across naturally to your viewers.

2. Screen capture

This refers to using software to record what’s happening on your computer screen. This is a great for creating how-to videos, for example “how to install WordPress on your computer”. It’s easier to watch a video than to read a long article when demonstrating a product.

To create a screen capture video use one of the free online services such as Screenr, Jing or ScreenCast-O-Matic.

3. Outsource

If you don’t have the time or desire to create videos yourself, hire someone on Fiverr, Onlinejobs or Scriptlance to create them for you. Before hiring someone review samples of past videos they’ve done, what their current ratings are and read the comments from past customers.

Should I put videos on YouTube or my own site?

Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month. 500 years of YouTube video are watched every day on Facebook, and over 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute.

Attracting even a sliver of that kind of traffic is absolutely worthwhile so upload your videos to YouTube. Don’t stop there because embedding your video on other websites including your own will increase your rank on Google as well as YouTube.

Usually I embed videos on my blog first before adding the link or the embed code on other related blogs.

How can I excite customers with a vlog?

A vlog is s video blog. Instead of creating textual content as on a regular blog you simply offer video content. To get customers excited about your content you need to answer their most pressing problems. One of the ways to achieve this is to create a weekly tips video that answers questions from your customers. By making your video available to the public you’ll attract a larger audience that will look forward to your weekly video tips.

How do I get my video to go viral?

This is not an easy task because it has to stand out from millions of other videos that are uploaded to YouTube every day.

Here are 3 ways to get your video to go viral:

  1. Create a video on a controversial topic
  2. Create a video that is entertaining
  3. Create a video that tells a story
    1. After creating the video you need to promote it so people know it exists. This can be achieved by writing a press release, using social media (ie Facebook, Twitter, Google+), subscribing to similar channels on YouTube, leaving comments and video responses on similar YouTube videos.

      Even if your video doesn’t go viral it will still receive traffic and if you create more videos within your niche on a regular basis it will become a steady stream.

      How do I integrate my call to action (CTA) into my videos?

      If you don’t include a call to action in your videos you won’t convert many visitors into sales or leads. YouTube makes this easy through annotations which can be added to your clips after uploading the video.

      Other methods where you can include a CTA are:

      • While talking in the video so people hear it
      • Text boxes during the editing process so it appears on the video
      • Linking to your squeeze page (that includes your CTA) in the video description
      • Adding it in the copy of your description

      Video marketing enables you to interact with your customers in full motion. This humanizes you and brings your product to life. This helps drive sales and leads to your business.

      Learn how to create and market YouTube videos to make your brand come alive by purchasing a copy of Video Traffic Academy. It will be one of the best investments you make this year.

      why video marketing

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