List Building: 4 Steps for Convincing Someone to Join Your List

During the early days of Internet marketing (I’m talking about 1997) you could simply ask someone to fill out a form on your website to join your list and you would get lots of subscribers. Nowadays there are many more millions of people on the Net plus there are a ton of competitors all trying to do the same thing…build a list of subscribers they can market to.

So how do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

Understand the landscape

Before I go hiking I usually study the type of terrain I’ll be covering so I’ll know what type of gear to bring. If I’m going to climb a mountain I’ll bring mountain equipment. I also check the weather conditions in case it’s going to rain so I’ll prepare wet weather gear.

The same principle applies to building a list. Most people on the Web get easily distracted because they are doing many activities at the same time ie surfing the web, checking their email, updating their Facebook status and talking on the phone.

If you want to stand out from the crowd you have to do something different from your competitors otherwise your investment will be wasted.

4 Steps for Convincing Someone to Join Your List

1. Design a professional landing page

You only have a few seconds to make a good impression on your visitors. If you don’t display a professionally designed landing page they’ll leave and go elsewhere. Make sure your page displays clear headings, professional graphics and uses plenty of white space between all elements on the page.

2. Create a captivating headline

The headline is the first thing a visitor reads. It must include the main benefit of joining your list and should be in large font so it stands out from the rest of your content ie

“Discover the TRUTH About Doubling Your Sales
With An Autoresponder Marketing System”

3. Create compelling copy

Boring copy will drive away your visitors. Make sure each sentence after your headline pulls visitors through the content. To do this you need to provide valuable information. Make use of sub-headlines and bullet points so the content can easily be read.

4. Provide an incentive

People love to get something for free especially if it solves their current business problems. For instance on the landing page “3 Ways To Make More Money From Any List” I offer a free report in exchange for a name and email address.

Your first try at convincing someone to join your list may not yield good results therefore test different elements on your page. Sometimes rewriting the headline, changing a few sentences, altering the design of your landing page design or offering a different report will boost your sign-up rates. Testing helps you quickly see what works to achieve success.

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