6 Ways To IMMEDIATELY Boost your YouTube Channel (GET MORE VIEWS)

Is your YouTube channel stuck or only growing slowly?

What can you do about it?

In the video below, you’ll discover 6 ways to immediately boost your YouTube channel growth so you can get more views and subscribers.

How To Get 1000 Engaged YouTube Subscribers Quickly & Easily

  1. Double down on your high-performing videos
    Click on Analytics in YouTube studio, and look at the top 10 videos on YouTube channel. Study why the topic, title, and thumbnail did so well for that specific video. Then make a similar video by approaching the topic from a different angle. If you do this, there’s a high probability that this video will also do well and boost your YouTube channel.

    For example, this video titled, “How to upload YouTube Shorts from PC,” currently has over 362,000 views since it was published, gained 1,800 subscribers, and estimated revenue of over $1,000. I then created a similar video with a similar title called, “How to Make YouTube Shorts on PC,” which currently has over 4,400 views since it was published, gained 31 subscribers, and estimated revenue of over $17.00
  2. Increase audience retention
    YouTube says “highly engaging videos are more likely to be recommended to viewers watching similar videos on YouTube home and up next.” Your homepage is what you first see when you open up YouTube at youtube.com on your computer or open up the YouTube app. It recommends videos based upon your personal browsing behavior.

    The “Up Next” panel appears when you finish watching a video, it suggests additional content based upon the content you’re currently watching alongside other videos that YouTube recommends to watch. To study the audience retention graph for a specific video, click on the engagement tab in YouTube analytics for that video. Look at the spikes and dips on the graph.

    The spikes are where you get high engagement or people are re-watching that particular segment of the video. The dips refer to where viewers are losing interest in that particular segment of the video content. On your next video, try to tighten up the video content. You can do this by asking questions, adding more B-roll, transitions, graphics, zooming in, zooming out, et cetera. This will help reset the attention of viewers and keep them engaged throughout your video.

    When you upload a new video, try to improve the audience retention for that video by 1% over your last video.
  3. Use a strong hook in the first 30 seconds of your video
    If you keep most of your audience engaged in the first 30 seconds of your video, it’s more likely that they’ll be engaged throughout the rest of your video.

    3 ways to keep your audience engaged at the beginning of your video include asking a question, teasing about what’s coming up later in the video, or telling a story with lots of B-roll.

    For example, at the beginning of this video, I asked a question what makes great video title that satisfies both searches and search engines?
  4. Write better video titles
    YouTube says “when a topic, title, or thumbnail of a video attracts more of the regular viewers of your channel, it’s more likely to be recommended to viewers watching similar videos on Home, and Up Next.” When you write your video title, make sure it satisfies both the searches and the search engines.

    Click here to learn on how to write titles for YouTube that everyone loves.
  5. Create a clickable thumbnail
    Your thumbnail is what viewers first see when they discover your content in the search engines. They’ll also see your thumbnail when your video is recommended on the YouTube homepage and in suggested videos, which are the videos that appear on the right side of the watch page. It’s very important to create a clickable thumbnail that immediately grabs the attention of your viewers so they click and watch your video.

    Here are some tips to create clickable thumbnails.
    – Your thumbnail must complement the title that you’ve written for your video content.
    – Use contrasting colors, use few words, or even no words at all.
    – Avoid repeating your title in your thumbnail.
    – Use an expression on your face that exemplifies the content of your video.

    According to the TubeBuddy feature, Click Magnet, faces get more clicks than no faces. Make sure your thumbnail is viewable on a small screen. This is especially true when using text on your thumbnail.

    – Use a bold font and make sure it’s still readable when viewed from your cell phone because most people are using their cell phones to view your YouTube videos.

    – Make sure your thumbnail stands out from your competitor’s thumbnails. Before you create your thumbnail, look at the top 5 videos for that particular keyword phrase, then create a different thumbnail that stands out from your competitors.
  6. Change your channel trailer
    Your channel banner and channel trailer is the first thing viewers see when they visit YouTube channel homepage. If you want to immediately boost the views for a video on YouTube channel, add it as a channel trailer. Make sure the content of your channel trailer is relevant to the content of your channel. This will motivate first-time viewers to become a subscriber of your channel so they can receive new content from you every week.

    Your channel banner should also encapsulate the content of your YouTube channel, so make sure it has a strong tagline so it grabs the attention of your viewers.

    The purpose of YouTube channel homepage is to motivate viewers to take a deep look at your content and subscribe to your channel. You accomplish this by uploading or changing your channel banner, channel trailer, and adding sections containing playlists to YouTube channel homepage.

If you want to know how to blow up YouTube channel, watch this video on 7 ways to blow up your YouTube channel so you can get more views and subscribers.

How To Get 1000 Engaged YouTube Subscribers Quickly & Easily

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