7 Guaranteed Optimization Tips To Get Higher Views On YouTube!

Recently, I was checking one of my videos in YouTube Analytics and noticed that it was receiving 1 out of 10 ranking by views in the first 24 to 48 hours compared to all other videos on my channel.

In the video below, I want to share with you 7 guaranteed optimization tips to get higher views on YouTube.

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  1. Create a video series
    Instead of thinking about a solo video, think about a series of videos based upon a common theme so viewers would be more inclined to watch a series of videos and stay longer on the YouTube platform. This means you need to think about a series of related topics that will tie into each other so you can put them in a playlist.

    When a viewer starts watching a video in a playlist, they’ll see all the other related videos on the playlist and be more inclined to watch multiple videos.
  2. Create compelling content
    Creating compelling content means answering the burning questions that your viewers have on their minds.

    For example, when I try to come up with a topic for this video, I thought about what is the answer to some of the most burning questions that viewers have on YouTube. Most viewers are concerned about getting more views on the YouTube videos, therefore, I chose 7 guaranteed optimization tips to get higher views. If you can nail the right topic for your target audience, they’ll be more likely to watch your video all the way through.

    How can you know what your target audience is interested in so
    you can publish videos that get a lot of views?

    Search engines
    If you enter a main keyword in the YouTube search bar, YouTube will give you a bunch of suggestions based upon what people are searching for. If you want to speed up the keyword research process, I highly recommend TubeBuddy to find out which keyword phrases are the least competitive and easy to rank for.

    Look at the top videos on your channel
    Go into YouTube Analytics, and look at the top 10 videos that are getting most traffic in the last 28 days. These videos have been proven to generate a lot of traffic so make a similar video by approaching the topic from a different angle. There’s a high probability that this video will also get a high number of views.

    Study your competitor’s channels
    Go to the Audience tab in YouTube Analytics. Look under Other channels that your audience watches. When you study these channels, look at their top videos that are currently generating a lot of traffic. This may inspire you to make a similar video by approaching the topic from a different angle.
  3. Create a compelling title
    Your title and thumbnail is what viewers first see in the search engines before they watch your video. If the title doesn’t resonate with your audience, they’re not going to click and watch the video. If they don’t watch the video, you won’t get any views.

    When creating your video titles, think about the value and benefit that you bring into your viewers. For example, the benefit I mentioned in this video title is to get higher views on YouTube. The value that I bring is 7 guaranteed optimization tips so viewers will know exactly what they’re going to get by reading the title. Some simple ways to create effective titles includes using numbers, create a sense of urgency or curiosity, ask a question or use comparisons like I did in this video comparing YouTube Shorts with YouTube Stories, what’s the difference.

    Common title mistakes to avoid

    Spend time creating a compelling title before you actually make the video.
    Don’t make the mistake of slapping a title on your video after it’s finished because you won’t put much thought into it.

    Using the same title in your video thumbnail
    The text you use in your thumbnail should be different than what you use in your title. You also want to avoid using the same title as your competitor’s videos because you’ll be competing for the same rankings in the search engines.

    Make sure you check out the titles of your competitor’s videos before you create the title for your own video. If you want more title tips, watch this video on 10 title tweaks to get more views on YouTube.
  4. Create a catchy thumbnail
    Your thumbnail image is what viewers first see when they type a keyword phrase in the YouTube search engine. They’ll also see a thumbnail image in suggested videos which are the videos that appear on the right side of the watch page of the video that they’re just watching. They’ll also see a thumbnail image when YouTube recommends your videos on the YouTube home screen.

    If you want to get higher views on YouTube videos, your thumbnail has to stand out from your competitors. Therefore, look at the top 5 videos in YouTube search and then try to modify your thumbnail so it stands out from the 5 competitors.

    You can do this by including your face, using contrasting colors, bold text, and creating a design that is different to your competitors.

    Typically, I’ll create two or three different thumbnails then get feedback from my wife, members on my Facebook group, or subscribers in my community tab. I also use the thumbnail split testing feature on TubeBuddy so I can see which thumbnail gets the most traffic.
  5. Increase watch time
    YouTube says that if you increase the click-through rate and the watch time on your YouTube videos, there is a higher probability that your videos will be suggested by YouTube.

    To improve your click-through rate, you’ve got to create compelling titles and thumbnails, which I explained earlier. To improve your watch time, you got to create a video that keeps people watching all the way through. You can achieve this by using a strong hook in the first 30 seconds of your video using graphics, text overlays, transitions, and having a strong delivery of your content.

    One of the ways to create a strong hook is to ask a question or tease about what’s coming up later in the video.

    For every new video that you upload, try to increase the watch time by at least 1 percent. You can do this by looking at the audience retention graph in YouTube Analytics and observe the dips in the graph.

    Dips on the graph show where people are losing interest and leaving the video.
    Spikes in the graph show where people are more interested in that particular part of the video.

    When you make your next video, try to keep people interested all the way through your video so you eliminate the dips in the graph. This will improve your watch time and increase your chances of your videos getting recommended by YouTube.
  6. Create timestamps
    Google announced in September 2019 that they link to the key moments in your video in the search engines.

    Here’s an example of one of my videos that currently ranks on the first page of Google showing key moments where people can watch different parts of the video.

    Since Google is the number one search engine on the net, this video receives consistent views every single day.

    If you include timestamps or video chapters in your video description, YouTube will direct viewers to those key moments in the video.

    Watch this video to learn how to add timestamps to your video description
    so you can get more views.

    Video chapters also help boost audience retention because viewers can skip to that particular section that they’re most interested in.
  7. Promote your videos on social media channels
    If you want to expose your content to audiences outside YouTube, promote your videos on social media channels. Click on the share button under your video and post it to the social media sites that are listed there.

    Another idea is to create a short video clip of your current content and post it as an Instagram story or Instagram reel. You can also post it as a story on YouTube channel.

Here’s how to crop YouTube videos so you can submit them to social media sites.

  • Go to kapwing.com.
  • Click on Tools.
  • Click on Crop Video.
  • Click Choose a video.
  • You can upload your video file here or you can paste the video url in the box.
  • I’m going to upload a file.
  • Drag the ends of the track to trim your video.
  • After you’ve trimmed the video, click the Crop button to crop your video to the desired size.
  • Select the social media to resize your video.
  • I want to make an Instagram story so I selected 9×16.
  • You can select any part of the video on the timeline.
  • Click Done Cropping.
  • Add elements to your clip by selecting elements from the left sidebar
  • For example you can add Text, Subtitles, Images, Audio, etcetera.
  • When you’ve finished cropping your video, just click Export Project.

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If your community tab is enabled, submit a community post to notify your subscribers on YouTube. You can also encourage viewers to watch a related video to the video that they’ve just watched by linking it in the end screen, pinning it to the top of your comments, or placing a link to it in the first three lines of your video description.

If you want to go the extra mile and get more views, I highly recommend creating a transcript of your video content. This will enable people that can’t hear well or have the sound turned off be able to read the closed captions under your video.

Use that same transcript to create a blog post containing your embedded YouTube video. This will help your video get discovered on Google search as well as YouTube search resulting in higher views.

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If you want to discover more ways to improve audience engagement on YouTube videos, watch this video for 12 ways to improve audience retention on the entire videos.

You’ll be glad you did!

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