How To Add A Channel Trailer On YouTube Step-By-Step

  • Do you want to get more subscribers to your YouTube Channel?
  • Do you want more people to watch your videos?

Your channel trailer will be the first video viewers will see if they’re not already subscribed to your channel. It should catch your audience’s attention and showcase your work.

This featured video will be the first impression to your potential clients — so make sure it counts.

How To Add A Channel Trailer On YouTube Step-By-Step

  • Log into your YouTube Account
  • Go to My Channel
  • Hover over the pencil icon under the banner
  • Click on “edit channel navigation”
  • Click “enable”
  • Click “save”. Now you’ll see your Channel Trailer icon
  • Click on Channel Trailer…you’ll see all your uploaded videos
  • Choose a video
  • Click “save”

That’s it!

If you want to check how your video plays in public go to the top of your banner
Click “view as public” You will see your channel as a non-subscriber sees it and your Channel Trailer video should play automatically.

If you want to change your featured video to a different one just click on the pencil icon again and click “change trailer” or remove “trailer”

Keep in mind only unsubscribed visitors will actually see your channel trailer. If someone has already subscribed to your channel they won’t see your featured video.

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