How To Add A Facebook Icon To Your YouTube Channel

Do you want to increase your YouTube audience so more people can watch your videos?

More eyeballs on your videos increases the potential for more traffic, leads and sales. Adding a Facebook Icon to your YouTube channel helps you build your audience by networking with others.

Here are the steps to add a Facebook Icon to your YouTube Channel:

Watch the video below…

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Step 1. Go to your Facebook page and copy the address of your Facebook URL
Step 2. Paste it into your notepad so you can remember it for later
Step 3. Log in to your YouTube channel, click on the about link
Step 4. Click on the pencil icon. In custom links you’ve got “overlay first 1 custom links on channel art” so make a second link.
Click add
In this box it says “link title” so copy the Facebook URL that you added to notepad and paste it into the box.
Click “done”

Let’s check it out.

Ok, now you’ll I’ve got the Google Plus icon and the Facebook icon added to the channel art banner. So if I click on the Facebook Icon it redirects me to the Facebook page.

That’s it!

Now you know How To Add A Facebook Icon To Your YouTube Channel.

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