How To Add Copyright Free Music From YouTube To Your Video

If you use commercial music as the background for your video you may violate US copyright laws. This may result in YouTube shutting down your channel. You could purchase royalty free music however you would have to pay for each new track you use.

Adding music to the background of your video helps enhance the content so it’s easy to consume. It breaks up the monotony and engages more of your senses.

YouTube now has an audio library. It’s a collection of copyright-free music tracks that are freely available for YouTube creators to download and use as background music in their videos. Using them will not result in a claim on your video.

Here’s how to add music to your video from YouTube:

  • Log in to your YouTube channel
  • Go to Video Manager – Creation Tools – Audio library
  • Use the menu at the top of the page to browse the tracks by genre, mood, instrument or duration. The blue bars show you how popular the music track is.
  • When you’ve found the track that you like download it by clicking on the arrow.

Here’s how to add the music track to your video:

  • Find the music track that you downloaded ie “where I am from.mp3”
  • Drag the track into your video editing software
  • If you want the music to play in the background you’ll have to reduce the volume
  • So in your video editing software (Screenflow) go to audio properties and reduce the volume to 5%
  • Save and upload the video to YouTube

That’s it!

You now can add legal soundtracks to any video from YouTube’s audio library.

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