How To Add Sections On Your YouTube Channel To Get More Views and Subscribers

Does the home page of your YouTube channel
look disorganized and untidy?

If you can get more people to watch more of your
videos then they’ll be more likely to subscribe.

Sections control how you display content
on your channel home page.

Here’s how to add sections on YouTube:

Watch the video below…

If you have a relatively new channel

  • Log in to your YouTube account
  • Hover over the pencil icon just below your channel banner
  • Click on the pencil icon
  • Click “edit channel navigation”
  • Under browse click “enable”
  • Click “save”
  • Now you’ll see “add a section” under the banner

Here’s what to do if you have an established channel

  • Log in to your YouTube account
  • Make sure you’re looking at the home page of your channel
  • Scroll down to the bottom
  • Click on “add a section”
  • You can select the content & the type of layout that you wish to show on your home page.
  • You can display horizontal rows or you can display it in a vertical list
  • So let’s look at the type of content
  • Here you’ve got the videos…popular uploads, liked videos, posted videos, created playlists, single playlists, saved playlists, multiple playlists
  • I’m going to select a single playlist and for the layout..I’m going to do a horizontal row
  • Here it says “choose a playlist” so I’m going to select a playlist
  • Now it’s loading the playlist
  • Here you can see the playlist “how to make money on YouTube.” It includes 4 videos so I click on that
  • Preview the new section containing the playlist
  • Click “done”
  • And here’s the playlist “how to make money on YouTube”
  • I can move this playlist further up the page so people viewing the home page will see it
  • So here’s my recent uploads so I’m going to move that up to the top
  • Popular uploads will go on the next row
  • “how to make money on youtube” is the third row

What if you want to edit a section?

  • Click the pencil icon
  • You can change the layout to a vertical list
  • Click “done”
  • Click the pencil icon again
  • Click horizontal row
  • Click “done” you’ve got the horizontal
  • If you want to remove this section just click on the trash icon

Here are 2 things to keep in mind…

  1. You can only have a maximum of 10 sections on your channel home page.
  2. You can’t have a mixture of videos and playlists so stick to playlists.

That’s it!

Now you know how to add sections on YouTube. The more videos that you display on your YouTube channel home page the more people will get to view them.

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