How To Add Subtitles To YouTube Videos And Increase Viewer Engagement

Adding subtitles to your YouTube videos helps keep viewers engaged with your content however YouTube’s automatically generated subtitles are not very accurate

YouTube’s automatically generated subtitles or captions cannot be deleted from your YouTube account so if you’re not happy with them you should add your own subtitles

Here Are The Steps To Add Subtitles To YouTube Videos:

Watch the video below:

  • Log into your YouTube account
  • Go to Video Manager
  • Select the video that you wish to add subtitles to
  • Click the drop down box
  • Click subtitles and cc
  • Select the video language
  • Click English
  • Click add subtitles or cc
  • Click English
  • Click create new subtitles or cc
  • Begin playing the video
  • Hit pause when you get to the part where you want to add a subtitle
  • Type your subtitle into the box
  • Click the blue button when you’re finished
  • Repeat this process for all the spoken words in your video.

Now you can see how your words appear in the transcript and in the timeline below the video.

How do you adjust the timing of your subtitles?

  • Go to the timeline and drag the handles of your subtitle to see where it starts and ends
  • When you’ve finished check if the subtitles sync with what is being said in the video.
  • To change the text just click the line that you would like to edit
  • Click “publish” when you’re finished
  • The next window shows that your subtititles have been published
  • Here it says English (publishing click to update) so click that
  • Make sure that you have 2 green buttons displayed
  • Play the video to check that your subtitles are displaying correctly
  • Make sure that your “cc” has been turned on.
  • Check that everything looks fine
  • That’s it!

Now your video contains all the subtitles that you added to it. This will help keep your viewers engaged with your content throughout the video and also boost your rankings in the search engines.

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