Anchor Text Increases Search Engine Rankings

Many site owners participate in link exchange campaigns to boost their link popularity. This can be very time consuming because you need to continually contact other site owners and wait for their response. Often you won’t get any response and therefore waste your precious time. Incorporating anchor text in your link building campaign will save you time because it provides high quality backlinks to your web site.

What is Anchor Text?

Anchor text (link label) is the text you include in a hyperlink. When someone clicks on this link it will take them to the specific web page (landing page) that explains more about the text used in the link. Search engines give a lot of weight to anchor text because the landing page usually relevant to it.


If I want to use link popularity as the anchor text to point visitors to an article on link popularity I would code it like this:

<a href="">Link Popularity</a>

How the anchor text appears on the web page:

Link Popularity

The text, Link Popularity is seen as the anchor text.

Where to use anchor text

Internal Links

Instead if using “click here” as the anchor text within your web site, replace this phrase with a more relevant phrase.


Read my article:
<a href="">10 benefits of  
link building</a>.

How the link anchor text appears on the web page:

Read my article: 10 benefits of
link building

The anchor text used above is “10 benefits of link building”. Clicking on the link will take you directly to the page discussing the benefits of link building. If you get many sites to use this anchor text when they include a link on their site to yours, you will see an improvement in your search engine rankings.

Navigation Links

If you have a section within your web site about promoting your web site, use the anchor text “site promotion” instead of “promotion”. This is because the keyword phrase is less competitive than the general phrase “promotion”

Before creating the navigation structure of your web site, think about the anchor text you want to use for your links, then name your internal web pages accordingly. Including the same anchor text in the URL of your web page will help your page to rank well.

External Links

When getting links from other web sites, make sure you include anchor text in your web site’s description. Don’t just ask for a link back to your site because the site owner will only provide a URL, not the anchor text.

The best method is to provide the complete html code for the link exchange so the site owner can just copy and paste it into his web site (see the examples above for how to do this)


Try to vary the keywords you use in your anchor text descriptions so it won’t all look the same. Search engines prefer
to see a wider keyword coverage. Using the same anchor text too many times may be seen as Google Bombing…a
practice where a large number of sites all target the same anchor text to purposely make a site rise quickly to the
top of the search engines.

This is anchor text manipulation. Iin January, 2007, Google updated its algorithm to minimize the impact of Google Bombing.


Remember to use anchor text in your internal, navigation and external links. It will help visitors and the search engines to quickly see what landing page they can expect to receive and overtime will increase your sites’ rankings.

Search Engine Optimization Packages (includes link building using anchor text)


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