Article Writing Template – Tell a Story to Personalize Your Content

article writing template
Have you ever been captivated by an article in the newspaper because it began with a story?
It immediately draws you into the content making you want to read more. You can do the same when writing your own article. It makes you stand out from the competing articles in your niche and provides a great template for writing articles on any subject.

Here’s an example of writing an article based on a story:

How to build your article writing muscles so you can write faster and easier

Last year I was playing soccer several times a week on a local community team and was hoping to complete the season without injuries. Well, half way through the season I developed a severe case of tendonitis in my right ankle. It became painful to walk and was unable to run or play soccer anymore. I even had to hobble to the bathroom when getting up in the morning.

Several weeks passed but the pain wouldn’t subside so I called my doctor and he gave me some stretching and muscle strengthening exercises to try out. I diligently and consistently followed them for several months (plus switched to bicycling). After 6 months my ankle tendonitis had disappeared.

What I learnt
To prevent muscle or ligament injuries strengthen and stretch the muscles (and surrounding ones) specific to your sport. Keep in mind it will take a lot of perseverance and patience.

This story applies to article writing as well. It my be very difficult to write your first article. You’ll try to find all kinds of excuses to procrastinate. You may suffer from anxiety and frustration because you know all the powerful benefits of article marketiing but you can’t get your article finished.

You develop your article muscles by practicing every day (even though it initially may be painful) until you can quickly and easily write several articles in one sitting or churn out a 300-500 word article in 30 minutes or less.

Use this article template to write or rewrite articles based on telling a story. It helps illustrate the main point you wish to make and keeps the attention of your readers.
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