How To Backup Your Entire YouTube Channel Videos To Google Drive

Do you make a backup copy of every video
that you upload to YouTube?

If YouTube suspends your account your videos
will completely disappear.

Watch the video below..

Here are 3 reasons to create a backup
of your entire YouTube channel:

1. If YouTube terminates your account you’ll lose all your videos.
2. The download options for YouTube videos are very limited.
3. When YouTube converts your video to it’s own format it results in loss of quality.

I keep copies of all my uploaded videos to YouTube on an external hard drive but most people don’t do this. They run the risk of losing all their hard work should YouTube terminate their account. Google Drive makes it easy to backup all the current videos on your YouTube channel. It also makes video management very simple.

You can preview your videos within Google Drive or download them at any time.

Here’s how to backup your entire YouTube Channel to Google Drive…

  • Log in to your Gmail account
  • Go to this URL…
  • Click “next”
  • Select your file type
  • Delivery method..send download link via email or add to drive
  • Select “add to drive”
  • Click “create archive”
  • It says “it may take some time before it is ready to download. Don’t worry we’ll email you when it’s ready.”
  • At the bottom it says “an archive of your YouTube data is currently being prepared”
  • Click “manage archives”
  • Click “open in drive”
  • Click “Takeout”
  • If I click on takeout I’ve got the YouTube folder and an index.html file
  • Click on YouTube…it’s got history and subscriptions. History has got search history and subscriptions has got subscriptions.opml

Keep these 3 important things in mind…

1. Google Takeout enables you to download all the original
videos that you’ve uploaded to your channel.

2. This service only allows you to download your OWN uploaded videos.
You cannot download videos uploaded by other users. The downloading processing time depends on the size of the file and the speed of your internet connection.

3. Make sure you have enough space on the hard drive of your
computer to download all the files.

That’s you know how to backup all your
YouTube Channel Videos to Google Drive.

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