Build a Web Site – Top 10 Benefits for Your Business – Part 2

Please read Top 10 Benefits to Build a Web Site – Part 1. 1-5

6. Interactivity

Building a web site will allow you get immediate feedback from your customers. Some of the ways to create interactivity include surveys, videos, audios, live chat, forums, blogs, RSS feeds and podcasts.

7. Look like a corporation

Even if you are a one person entity a professional web site can make your business appear to be a corporation.

8. Improve communication

By constantly updating your web site with new information you can constantly communicate with your customers about the products and services you provide. For example an online newsletter is a way to inform and educate customers. Previous newsletter issues can be placed in an archives section of your web site so customers can access that information anytime.

9. Educate your customers

Create a knowledge base of white papers about your business. You can convert these to PDF files for customers to download to their computers. You can also create a database of files for them to access. Teachers and professors use web sites to educate and commuicate with their students. You can even do a college course or degree online from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.

10. Restricted access

If your business or organization wants to restrict access to certain members you can create password protected sections of your web site. These areas will not be accessible to the public or be indexed by the search engines. This web site could also serve as an intranet accessed only by your staff.


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